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K-State Today

November 10, 2017

Arts & Sciences Caucus for Faculty Senate supports KSUnite

Submitted by Members of the Arts & Sciences Caucus

Dear Members of the K-State Community,

We, the members of the Arts & Sciences Caucus for Faculty Senate, are writing in support of our students and the KSUnite event scheduled for Tuesday, November 14, from 1-3 pm.

A university community depends on an open atmosphere of integrity and mutual respect. Intimidation and denigration of individuals based on race, religion, gender, or any other aspect of identity is reprehensible and contrary to the values of our campus. Even "jokes" or "pranks" that perpetuate hatreds and stereotypes damage the supportive atmosphere we want for our students, coworkers, campus guests, and ourselves. We condemn the incidents of racism and bigotry that have surfaced at K-State and elsewhere across the country in the last year.

We affirm the ideals of free inquiry, respectful collaboration, and academic freedom undisrupted by acts of prejudice or hate. The well-being and success of our students lie at the center of the campus endeavor and we commit to the goal of creating a campus where all know they are welcome and feel safe.

We support Tuesday’s demonstration of solidarity and we thank our colleagues from across the university for their sacrifice of class time to this event. Many members of our faculty have contributed their scholarly expertise and their energy to working for social justice on our campus, for which we are grateful. We invite our colleagues throughout the College of Arts & Sciences and beyond to join us, our administration, and especially our students, in confronting and rejecting prejudice and hatred whenever they threaten any in our campus and our community.

Best wishes,

Members of the Arts & Sciences Caucus
Kansas State University Faculty Senate