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K-State Today

August 17, 2017

K-State Libraries seeks outstanding student ambassadors

Submitted by Sarah McGreer Hoyt

Student ambassadors

All students — whether first-year undergrads or doctoral candidates — are invited to become part of a select group that works to elevate K-State Libraries' outreach and impact. 

K-State Libraries Student Ambassadors serve two-year terms as advocates and representatives at social, cultural and recruitment activities. They also provide valuable feedback on K-State Libraries' initiatives and services.

According to Jael Whitney, K-State senior and former chair, being an ambassador is a unique campus experience because the group works so closely with staff and faculty.

"What we do actually has an impact, and that has been encouraging to me," Whitney said. 

Applications are due by Thursday, Aug. 31. Interviews will be conducted on Friday, Sept. 8. Please encourage students to visit the Libraries Student Ambassadors website to learn more and apply online.

"Since the ambassadors' inaugural year in 2013, they have helped us host events, communicate with alumni and potential students and conduct discussions about the Libraries' future," said Darchelle Martin, a K-State Libraries Ambassadors advisor. "We look forward to welcoming a new group of ambassadors from all walks of campus life."