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May 5, 2017

Food science undergraduate wins outstanding senior award

Submitted by Maggie Stanton

Macy Sherwin, senior in food science and winner of the Outstanding Food Science Senior Award, found her food science calling in high school.

"I was part of a biotechnology program that my high school puts on and in the program we're required to do a senior research project," Sherwin said. "I did mine on the effect of cinnamon in bread mold because my grandmother actually picked up leftover bread from supermarkets and donated it. The shelf life on those products is obviously decreased, so I wanted to find a way to increase the shelf life and cinnamon has antimicrobial properties."

From there, Sherwin went on to shadow at K-State Olathe and attended K-State All-University Open House. According to Sherwin, the importance and prevalence of food in everyday life drew her to food science. She said she's enjoyed figuring out how to produce safe, quality food for consumers.

Since arriving at K-State, Sherwin has kept busy. Working as a lab assistant for Professor Fadi Aramouni, becoming captain of the quiz bowl team, and reshaping the food science club all played a major role in Sherwin's undergraduate involvement.

The food science club in particular holds many memories for Sherwin, who was responsible for creating the social chair position, before eventually becoming president of the club. In addition to preparing recipes, the club orchestrated a food safety project during a tailgate at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. Members passed out meat thermometers and aprons, and educated patrons on the importance of food safety, leading many to begin using the free equipment.

Following graduation, Sherwin will move to Minneapolis to work in Cargill's salt production. She credits the internships she had for preparing her for her next step.

"I've had three internships throughout college and they've all taught me something different," Sherwin said. "Don't be afraid to accept a position that you might not be interested in, because it can help you work toward a bigger goal. One summer, I worked at a beef plant. It wasn't my favorite job by any means, but I learned more about the food industry that summer than I did during my time in any class. Then, it led to my internship I had last summer, and my full-time position now."

Sherwin advises other students to make the most of their time in the food science program.

"Get involved in the program, join the club, have internships, and don't be afraid to ask for different opportunities because the professors are really great here and will help you," Sherwin said.

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