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April 24, 2012

Students can now grant others online access to their financial records in iSIS

Submitted by Diana Blake

Designated Access image

New iSIS functionality called Designated Access enables students to grant one or more designees – a parent, spouse, guardian, or other persons – with permission to access online any of the following financial records in iSIS:

  • View or pay bills
  • View tax information
  • View financial aid

Students have complete control of who can access which financials records. They can add, change, or remove a designee’s access at any time. This gives students an easy way to share financial information with their designee without sharing their own eID and password, which is against university policy.

"This new functionality is something that many students and their parents or guardians have wanted. I am glad K-State took the time and effort to close the gap between students and their guardians when it came to finances," said Grant Hill, Student Governing Association vice president. "Not only did the Designated Access Team design a system that is very secure, but they designed it so every student gets to decide who gets access and how much access they should receive. I hope students utilize this new aspect of iSIS."

Designees use their own eID and password to sign into iSIS to view and pay their student's bills, view financial aid and access 1098T tax information. The process is easy for designees and allows them to access information granted by their student whenever needed.

Designated Access also enables students to authorize K-State staff to discuss the student’s financial information with a designee over the phone. The authorization is provided via a unique PIN number created in iSIS by the student and given to the designee for this purpose.

If a designee has more than one student at K-State, each student can grant the designee access to their financial records and the designee can use their one eID to access both students’ financial records. 

Designated Access is sponsored jointly by the Division of Student Life and the Division of Financial Services

“We are very excited about the ability to offer under the Designated Access program the ability for students to share an increased amount of financial information with parents or others," said Fran Willbrant, assistant vice president of financial services. "Student support staff have worked hard to streamline the sign-up process for students to share, at their discretion, pertinent financial information."

More information is available on the One Stop Shop website, http://www.k-state.edu/onestop/designated-access/.