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K-State Today

April 4, 2017

John McCarthy to speak at ATID Student Symposium April 14

Submitted by Anne Rubash

Have you ever looked for elephants with a magnifying glass? Or tried to get rid of a pesky fly with a banana?  Ever wonder if there are better ways to tackle a problem? Life surrounds us with opportunities for creative problem-solving every day (Seelig, 2009), yet it's all too easy to overlook them without grasping some key ideas to maximize those moments.

John McCarthy, director of the Center for Creativity and Change and professor in the Department of Counseling at Indiana University of Pennsylvania will be the keynote speaker as part of the 13th annual ATID Student Symposium. He will present "How the alligator got stuck on the escalator: Five (or more) keys to creative problem-solving" at 10 a.m. April 14 at the K-State Alumni Center. McCarthy's interactive presentation will include key points toward enhanced creative problem-solving as a way to optimize those opportunities. The event is free and open to the public.

The ATID Student Symposium is a professional opportunity for prospective and current students to network with alumni and connect with professionals working in the apparel industry and interior design profession.

For more information about the symposium events please visit he.k-state.edu/atid/events/symposium/.  

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