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April 25, 2012

National Academic Advising Association to host webinar tomorrow

Submitted by Mike Lynch

The next National Academic Advising Association webinar is titled “Ethical Decision Making in Academic Advising" and will be at 1 p.m. Thursday. The webinar will be in Room 213 of the K-State Student Union.

Academic advisers are often faced with ethical decisions that require sound decision-making and accurate resolutions. Ethics involves decision-making based on maximizing good and minimizing harm wherever possible. This train of thought is commonplace so when ethical decisions involve what is morally right and wrong, the course of action is relatively clear. However, ethical conflicts often involve right versus right options that are more complex. In these cases, decisions are not as obvious, but can and should be decided on the basic principles of right action.

The presenter, Joanne Damminger, is the dean of student affairs at Salem Community College at Salem Community College in New Jersey and a board member of the National Academic Advising Association. She brings her highly acclaimed National Academic Advising Association Summer Institute topical session to the Advisor Connection venue to discuss general ethical principles that advisors and advising administrators will want to consider in providing appropriate assistance to all students and professional development for advisers.

Adviser development related to ethical decisions is critical to effective advising practice, and advisers need to be skilled in resolving ethical dilemmas that arise when all principles of right action cannot be followed at the same time. The National Academic Advising Association’s Core Values and the Council for the Advancement of Standards guidelines, which will be reviewed in the presentation, are helpful in resolving such dilemmas as they relate directly to general ethical principles. Damminger will also define and clarify language eassociated with ethical issues and dilemmas and share examples of dilemmas and their potential resolutions.