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December 5, 2016

Criminologists present at American Society of Criminology meetings in New Orleans

Submitted by Lisa Melander

Five faculty and three graduate students from K-State's sociology, anthropology and social work department presented at the annual American Society of Criminology meetings Nov. 16-19 in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

• Mario Cano, assistant professor; April Terry, graduate student; and Kevin Steinmetz, assistant professor, presented "Race/Ethnicity and the Social and Organizational Contexts of Probation Outcomes in a Midwestern State."

• Steinmetz also presented "Perilous Penology: Prison, Punishment, and Control in Silent Hill."

• Don Kurtz, associate professor, and Vivian Hughes, K-State alumna, presented "Testing the Influence Differential Coercion and Social Support Theory on Violent Offending."

• Kurtz and Lindsey Upton presented "The Gender in Stories: How War Stories and Police Narratives Shape Masculine Police Culture."

• Kurtz and Upton also presented "War Stories And Occupying Soldiers: A Narrative Approach To Understanding Police Culture and Community Conflict."

• Egbert Zavala, K-State alumnus, and Lisa Melander, associate professor, presented "Police Officers Who Commit Intimate Partner Violence: A Routine Activity Approach."

• Melander and Alison Marganski presented "How Real is Virtual Violence? Examining Psychosocial and Behavioral Outcomes of Intimate Partner Cyber Victimization."

• Melander, Venessa Garcia, Prit Kaur, Sarah Nicksa and Danielle McGurrin presented "Things I Wish I Knew Pre-Tenure."

• Susan Williams, associate professor, and Edward Green, K-State alumnus, presented "I Was Reborn a Prisoner: The Shifting Salience of Gender at the Prison Gate."

• Jamilya Anderson, graduate student, presented "Presentence Detention in U.S. District Courts: The Effects of Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Social Context."

• Allison Swopes, graduate student; Brooke Cooley; and Melissa Petkovsek presented "Low Resting Heart Rate, College-Level Deviance, and Antisocial Behavior."

• April Terry, Jennifer Pealer, Katelynn Adams and Leigh Kassem presented "Correctional Officers’ Views on Juvenile Offending: Nature Versus Nurture in Rehabilitative Attitudes."

• Troy Terry, Brian Perry, April Terry and Pealer presented "Self-Disclosed Attitudes and Beliefs of Deviant Behavior: A Study of Greek Life Students."

• April Terry, Mackenzie Orchard and Hughes presented "Title IX and Sexual Assault: Vignettes Expose Undergraduates' Perceptions of Consent and Endorsement of Rape Myths."