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August 30, 2016

Study Abroad Office thanks faculty and staff for internationalizing classrooms

Submitted by Joe Milostan

The Study Abroad Office recognizes and thanks the faculty and staff who put forth tremendous effort to internationalize their classrooms with an education abroad experience.

During the 2015-2016 academic year, 45 faculty and staff accompanied their students abroad on both short-term and semesterlong programs. These programs were developed in nearly every college at K-State, along with Kansas State University's Polytechnic Campus and the Staley School of Leadership Studies.

Encouraging and increasing student opportunities for learning abroad is a key element in K-State 2025.

College of Agriculture

  • Don Boggs, Livestock Industry Tour of Italy, spring break.
  • Kraig Roozeboom, Curtis Thompson, Kim Kerschen and Dorivar Ruiz, Food and Bio-Energy Production in Tropical Environments, Costa Rica, spring break.
  • Scott Schaake, Food Industry Tour of Italy, spring break.
  • Sean Fox, International Food and Agribusiness, Ireland, summer.

College of Architecture, Planning & Design

  • Lynn Ewanow and Peter Magyar, Italian Studies Program, fall semester.
  • Lynn Ewanow, Aaron Schump and William Winslow, Italian Studies Program, spring semester.

College of Arts & Sciences

  • David Pickering, Organs of Berlin, Leipzig, and Dresden, Germany, winter break.
  • Angelique Courbou and Laura Kanost, Intermediate Spanish, Costa Rica, winter break.
  • Slawomir Dobrzanski, A Musical Journey through Germany and Poland, summer.
  • Martha Caldas and Elizabeth Dodd, Exploring Environment and Creative Writing at the Center of the World, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, summer. 
  • Barb DeSanto, International Public Relations Seminar, United Kingdom, summer.
  • Soo Hye Han, Intercultural Communication, Japan, summer.
  • Necia Chronister, K-State in Leipzig, Germany, summer.
  • Soumia Bardhan, Problems in Intercultural Communication, France and Spain, summer.

College of Business Administration

  • Swinder Janda and Bente Janda, International Marketing, Italy, fall break. 
  • Chad Jackson, International Sustainable Enterprises, Costa Rica, winter break. 
  • Swinder Janda, International Business, United Kingdom and Germany, spring break. 
  • Amy Hageman, Accounting International Experience, China, summer. 

College of Education

  • Shabina Kavimandan and Leticia Burbano, Elementary Practicum and Secondary Practicum, Ecuador, summer. 

College of Human Ecology

  • Joyce Baptist and David Thompson, Sociocultural Diversity in Malaysia, winter break.
  • Sherry Haar and Kim Hiller, Apparel and Textiles Study Tour, Guatemala, winter break. 
  • Kristi Archuleta and Maurice MacDonald, Advanced Professional Issues in FSHS, South Korea, summer.
  • Terrie McCants, International Conflict and Trauma: Peace and Conflict in Northern Ireland, summer.
  • Hyung-Chan Kim, Interior Design Study Tour, South Korea, summer.
  • Mary DeLuccie and Beth Stuewe, Children and Families in a Cultural Context, Italy, summer. 

College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Rose McMurphy, International Veterinary Study Tour, Tanzania, winter break. 

Staley School of Leadership Studies

  • Matt Yates, Global Citizenship, Hong Kong, spring break.
  • Leigh Fine, Culture and Context in Leadership, Canada, summer.

Kansas State Polytechnic Campus

  • Fred Guzek and Sue Guzek, Global Problems/Global Logistics, United Kingdom and France, fall break.
  • Fred Guzek, Sue Guzek and Becky DeGreeff, International Project Management and Intercultural Communication, Switzerland and Germany, spring break.

Special thanks to the following faculty and staff members who also played a significant role in the development of education abroad programs:

  • Tamie Redding and Mishelle Hay McCammant, College of Agriculture. 
  • Becky O'Donnell, College of Architecture, Planning & Design. 
  • Louise Benjamin and Derek Hillard, College of Arts & Sciences.
  • Shawna Jordan, College of Human Ecology. 

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