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K-State Today

June 1, 2016

Big 12 Teaching and Learning Conference starts today

Submitted by Jana R. Fallin

Participants of the Big 12 Teaching and Learning Conference will begin to arrive in Manhattan June 1. Representatives from Baylor University, Iowa State University, the University of Kansas, Oklahoma State University, Texas Christian University, Texas Tech University, the University of Texas and West Virginia University will join many K-State faculty members at the Konza Prairie. Participants will enjoy the beauty of the prairie, music from the K-State faculty folk band "Too Many Degrees" and great Kansas barbecue.

In hosting the third Big 12 Teaching and Learning Conference, the goal has been to showcase K-State and to offer a stimulating, interesting and entertaining program. 

Beginning June 2, participants will experience two days of speeches, seminars, workshops, poster presentations and networking events at the Leadership Studies Building. Lori Goestch, dean of K-State Libraries, will host a poster presentation reception for participants in Hale Library's Hemisphere Room. The day will end at the Flint Hills Discovery Center with entertainment from the K-State Faculty Blues Band. A SPOTLIGHT K-State show-and-tell will be presented to introduce guests to the faculty recognition event the Teaching and Learning Center hosts each spring. Michael Wesch will be the keynote speaker. 

Coach Bill Snyder will be the special speaker as the group enjoys breakfast at the stadium Friday, June 3. The day also will include a Blue Sky session led by Mick Charney, associate professor of architecture, at the Leadership Studies Building's Town Hall.

All attending universities have faculty presenting workshops and seminars. The conference will end with Emily Drigenberg and Amy Betz presenting the final plenary session on the theory of growth mindset.     

As we all know, the road in front of the Leadership Studies Building is closed, so help us direct any attendees looking lost on campus to the Leadership Studies Building.