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February 15, 2016

Support graduate students by attending Three Minute Thesis Competition

Submitted by Kelsey Peterson

Support graduate students who are participating in the Three Minute Thesis Competition by attending the preliminary heats competition from 2:30-6:45 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 16, in the Leadership Studies Building.

From the heats, twelve students will advance to compete in the final competition at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 17, in Fiedler Auditorium of the Engineering Complex.

The heats and the final competition are open to the public.  

Heat one, 2:45 p.m., Leadership Studies Room 127:

  • Yue Yuan — master's student in apparel and textiles, "Morphology-Driven Super-repellent Nanowebs."
  • Colleen Gura — master's student in Geology, "Comparative Geochemistry of Konza Prairie and the Stockdale Kimberlite."
  • Regina Enninful — doctoral student in agronomy, "Physiological Characterization of Sorghum NAM Founder Lines under Water-Deficit Stress."
  • Brittany Hollerbach —  master's student in kinesiology, "The First Twenty Exercise Training Program and Fire Academy Recruits' Fitness and Health."
  • Austin Krehel — master's student in geology, "Time-Lapse (4D) Seismic Analysis to Enhance CO2-EOR Detection and Characterization of a Thin Oomoldic Carbonate Reservoir."
  • Olalere Olatoye — doctoral student in agronomy, "Genomic Dissection of Panicle Architecture In Sorghum Using Nested Association Mapping."
  • Laura Soto — biological and agricultural engineering "Microalgae for Life."

Heat two, 3:45 p.m., Leadership Studies Room 123:

  • Bondy Kaye — master's student in mass communications, "Same Song, New Dance: Competition and Market Structure in the Digital Music Aggregation Industry."
  • Atena Haghighattalab — doctoral student in geography, "High Throughput Phenotyping Using Small Unmanned Aerial System Imagery."
  • Junjun Ou — doctoral student in agronomy, "Mechanism of Dicamba Resistance in Kochia (Kochia scoparia)."
  • Rachel Garth — master's student in geology, "The Biogeochemical Evolution of Tungsten in an Alkaline Lake in Fallon, Nevada."
  • Allen Mallory — master's student in family studies and human services, "Family Sexual Communication and Sexual Attitudes: Understanding the Influence on Couples Sexual Communication."
  • Ian Andree — master's student in geology, "Monitoring the Biogeochemistry of Shallow Aquifer Groundwater to Predict Reactions upon CO2 Contamination."
  • Trevor Rife — doctoral student in plant pathology, "Utilizing a Historical Wheat Collection for Modern Plant Breeding."
  • Ryan Schmid — doctoral student in entomology, "Hessian Fly Smart-Trap Design and Deployment Strategies."
  • Chen Peng — doctoral student in microbiology, "Does Species Matter?"
  • Desa Daniel — doctoral student in counseling and student development, "A Phenomenological Anaylsis of Invisibility Among College Students: An African American Woman's Experience."

Heat three, 4 p.m., Leadership Studies Room 127:

  • Andres Salcedo — doctoral student in genetics, "Exploring the Wheat Rust Pathogen’s Weapons: Identification of the Effector that Interacts with the Resistance Gene Sr35."
  • Matthew Galliart —  master's student in biology, "Experimental Natural Selection of Big Bluestem Ecotypes across the Great Plains: A Novel Test for the Strength of Local Adaptation."
  • Phillip Martinez — master's student in community development, "The Criminological Effects of Adult-Oriented Clubs."
  • Brian Anderson — master's student in music, "Afro Cuban Percussion: Its Roots and Uses in Orchestral Percussion."
  • Amanda Fairbanks — doctoral student in counseling and student development, "Navigating Tricky Waters: Figuring Out the Faculty Advisor/Doctoral Student Relationship."
  • Harshad Kulkarni — doctoral student in civil engineering, "Biogeochemical Interactions of Natural Organic Matter with Arsenic in Water."
  • Jere Noel — master's student in animal science, "Effects of Ractopamine-HCl on Muscle Fiber Type and Exhaustion in Finishing Barrows."
  • Pragyesh Dhungel — doctoral student in microbiology, "Weird Mechanism to Modulate Host Cell by Vaccinia Virus!"
  • Deanna Scheff — doctoral student in grain science, "Packaging Technologies for the Control of Stored-Product Insects."

Heat four,  5:15 p.m., Leadership Studies Room 123:

  • Michelle Berube — master's student in geology, "Geochemical Controls on Arsenic and Manganese Release into Groundwaters from Sediments: In Relation to Natural Reactive Barrier."
  • Narinder Singh — doctoral student in genetics, "Utilizing Wild Species for Crop Improvement."
  • Naiqing Lin — master's student in hospitality and dietetics administration, "Intention to Use Hand Sanitizers among Soldiers."
  • Kirsten Grond — doctoral student in biology, "Linking Gut Microbiota Composition to Development and Life-History Traits in Migratory Shorebirds."
  • Xi Chen — doctoral student in mechanical engineering, "Improve Water Sustainability with Droplet Dynamics."
  • Michael Reichenberger — doctoral student in nuclear engineering, "Advancing Nuclear Power with Enhanced Instrumentation."
  • Jared Crain — doctoral student in genetics, "Plant Breeding: From Mendel and Borlaug to Artificial Intelligence and Beyond."
  • Jessica Thomson — doctoral student in entomology, "Flies, Microbes, and Manure."
  • Aruni Malalasekera — doctoral student in chemistry, "Design Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Posttransational sensor for Arginase Detection."
  • Kumarsinh Jhala — doctoral student in electrical engineering, "Coordinated Electric Vehicle Charging with Renewable Energy Sources."

 Contact Megan Miller, graduate school student service coordinator, with any questions. 

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