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August 28, 2015

A message from Coach Snyder

Submitted by Bill Snyder

Dear "Family" (Faculty and Staff),

Just a brief note of gratitude once again for all you have meant to Kansas State University and your football program. I am sorry that we let you down with our performance at the Alamo Bowl, but I was proud of our young men for never giving in and for playing so hard in the second half for you and all of the KSU family. I say yours' and that is the purpose of this note. You truly do represent the values of family as it relates to the University, its faculty and the football program.

Our staff and our players recognize and greatly appreciate it just as I do. You have probably heard me say numerous times that the "family" on our stadium includes you as well as my personal family and all the people past and present who have been a part of this program, which truly includes our faculty and university staff members. I have also said so many times that Kansas State is truly about people caring about people in a very special way. That is truly why we came to Kansas State, why we stayed and why (after a three-year semiretirement) we came back — because of you, "the family."

Thank you so very much for being such great Wildcats; and for contributing so strongly and passionately to the lives of your students.

Warmest regards,

Bill Snyder, Staff and Football Student-Athletes

P.S. Contrary to all the media TV exposure and money involved in college football, we truly support the concept that our institution is and should be about educating young men and women and providing them with the foundation for becoming successful in all facets of their lives.