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August 7, 2015

Faculty Senate requesting volunteers for presidential committees

Submitted by Faculty Senate


One of the initial responsibilities of the Faculty Senate President and the newly constituted Executive Committee is the identification and nomination of faculty and professional staff to serve on university committees. Because these committees are an essential element of the university's shared governance initiative, I strongly encourage you to consider serving on one or more of them in the upcoming academic years. This spring we requested volunteers for Faculty Senate committees. At this time we are now requesting volunteers for the presidential committees. 

The name of each committee along with the number of members needed are listed below. The length of term for each committee can vary from 1-3 years. Should you need further information about one or more of these committees, please contact the current chair of the committee. Their names are listed in the Committee Handbook.

Please take a few minutes to complete a committee questionnaire and submit it to Candace LaBerge at  candaceb@k-state.edu if you have interest in serving on one or more of the following committees. This is of great assistance to us as we make committee appointments and recommendations.

I would appreciate hearing from you by Friday, Aug. 14. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this opportunity. I look forward to working with you during the coming academic year.

Fred Guzek,

Presidential committees and councils

Membership needs

8010 Distinguished Lecturers Committee

1 faculty and 1 professional staff

8038 Campus Recycling Advisory Committee

2 faculty or professional staff, 1 unit-level administrator

8040 Campus Planning and Development Advisory Committee

1 faculty or professional staff

8041 Council on Parking Operations

1 faculty

8042 Parking Citation Appeals Board

1 faculty or professional staff

8048 LASER Safety Committee

1 faculty or professional staff

8050 Campus Environmental Health and Safety Committee

2 faculty

8073 K-State USS Award of Excellence Selection Committee

1 faculty and 1 professional staff

8074 President’s Award of
Excellence for Unclassified Professionals Selection Committee     

1 faculty and 3 professional staff

8075 Commission on the Status of Women

2 faculty — one from Salina

8080 Integrity in Research and Scholarly Activity

4 tenured graduate faculty

8504 Big 12 Faculty Fellowship Committee

2 faculty