Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President
Kansas State University
108 Anderson Hall
919 Mid-Campus Drive North
Manhattan, KS 66506



Presidential Committees and Councils

K-State Distinguished Lectures Committee (8010)

Maria Beebe, International Programs, CHAIR (AY 14-15)
Marsha Frey, History (AY 14-15)
Bill Zhang, Architectural Engineer & Construction Science (15-16)
Brian Stinson, Mathematics (AY 15-16)
Molly McGaughey, Admissions (AY 16-17)
Jerry J Cranford, School of Music, Theater & Dance (AY 16-17)

Provides a highly visible platform for prominent visiting researchers and scholars, and distinguished public intellectuals. The committee solicits written proposals from departments or units. Preference will be given to cooperative proposals representing several departments or units and which involve matching funds. Reports to Provost.

K-State Undergraduate Honor Council and Staff (8015)

For additional information and current membership of the Honor Council and Staff committee go to:

Governmental Relations (8020)

For additional information and current membership of the Governmental Relations committee go to:

To meet on a regular basis to share information about K-State. Reports to the President.

Information Resource Management Council (8034)

This committee is currently not meeting.

The IRMC was created to develop, review, revise and endorse information resource policies for the university community. Policy may be initiated by the council or considered from interim policies or drafts from various information technology units on campus. All policy related to information technology should be approved by the IRMC. Reports to the Vice Provost for Information Technology Services.

Campus Recycling Advisory Committee (8038)

Gerry Snyder, Communications, Unclassified (AY 14-15)
Sabine Martin, Geology, Unclassified (AY 14-15)
Toynia Smith, Internal Audit, College-Level Administrator (AY 14-15)

Voting ex-officio members:
John Woods, Director of Facilities Services
Cathie Lavis, Chair, Campus Landscape Advisory Committee
Kelly Phillips, Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Bill Spiegel, Campus Recycling Center Representative
Ben Champion, Director of Sustainability
Develops campus recycling policies for consideration by the central administration, discusses issues related to campus recycling and development of educational/promotional activities regarding recycling on the Manhattan Campus. Reports to the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

KSU Committee for Public Art (8039)

Linda Duke, Director of the Beach Museum of Art, CHAIR
Garry Craig, Head of the Department of Art
Tim de Noble, Dean of the College of Architecture, Planning and Design
Abe Fattaey, Director of Facilities Planning

Jackie Hartman, Chair of the Art Museum Advisory Board, Office of the President
Fred Cholick, President and CEO of the KSU Foundation

Provides advice on the suitability of sculpture or other works of art and their proposed location on the Manhattan campus.  Reports to the Vice President for Administration and Finance. 

Campus Planning and Development Advisory Committee (8040)

Ben Champion, Director of Sustainability, CHAIR (permanent member)

Derek Jackson, Housing and Dining Representative (AY 15-16)
Barb Anderson, Project Review Co-Leader, Buildings (AY 14-15)
Jason Brody, Planning Faculty Representative (AY 15-16)
Casey Lauer, Facilities Utilities Infrastructure Representative (AY 15-16)

2014-2015 Membership TBA

Andrea Blair, Disability Support Services (permanent member)
Ed Rice, Vice President for Administration and Finance - Facilities Representative (permanent member)
Ben Champion, Director of Sustainability (permanent member)
Ryan Swanson, Facilities Planning Representative (permanent member)
Advises the Vice President for Administration and Finance on the development, implementation, and continual updating of a Long Range Plan for the Physical Development of the Kansas State University campus and lands. Reports to the Vice President for Administration and Finance. (If the year of term end is not marked, then the person/job position of person is permanent committee member.)

Council on Parking Operations (8041)

Jason Maseberg-Tomlinson, Disability Support Services, unclassified, CHAIR (AY 14-15)

Brooks Hetle, Housing and Dining Services, unclassified (AY 14-15)
Sunanda Dissanayake, Civil Engineering, unclassified (AY 14-15)
Asad Esmaeily, Civil Engineering, unclassified (AY 13-14)

John Wolf, Animal Science & Industry, University Support Staff (AY 14-15)
Terri Wyrick, Facilities Services, University Support Staff (AY 14-15)
Amy Capoun, Agronomy, University Support Staff (AY 14-15)

Additional 2014-2015 Membership TBA

Ben Champion, Chair, Campus Planning & Development Committee, ex-officio, voting 
Stephanie Bannister, Housing & Dining Services Representative, ex-officio, voting
Tim Schrag, University Police Representative, ex-officio, voting
Kaitlin Long, SGA/Speaker pro tempore/Student Senate, ex-officio, voting
Darwin Abbott, Director, Parking Services, ex-officio, voting
Gary Leitnaker, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources/Parking, ex-officio non-voting
Nick Brown, Chair, Parking Citation Appeals Board, ex-officio, non-voting
Advises the Vice President for Administration and Finance concerning policies governing (1) traffic patterns and circulation; (2) parking fees and parking accommodations for faculty, staff, students, visitors, and clientele; and (3) revisions to the parking and traffic regulations; and 4) future parking plans (garages, shuttle service, etc.). The Council may organize itself into subcommittees. It will meet in open meetings and submit advice, recommendations, and minutes to the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

Parking Citation Appeals Board (8042)

2014-2015 Membership TBA 

Hears appeals on traffic matters from faculty, staff and students. Reports to the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

Council on Parking Operations - K-State Salina Campus (8043)

Les Kinsler, Engineering Technology, faculty/unclassified, CHAIR

Additional 2014-2015 Membership TBA

Sgt. Rick Honeycutt, Salina Police & Security, ex-officio, voting
Darwin Abbott, Director of Parking Services, ex-officio, voting

Advises the Dean and CEO of K-State Salina concerning policies governing (1) traffic patterns and circulation; (2) parking fees and parking accommodations for faculty, staff, students, visitors, and clientele; and (3) revisions to the parking and traffic regulations; and 4) future parking plans (garages, shuttle service, etc.) for the Salina campus. The Council may organize itself into subcommittees. It will meet in open meetings and submit advice, recommendations, and minutes to the Dean and CEO of K-State Salina.

Central Management Information Systems (CMIS) Advisory Committee (8045)

Voting Members:

Larry Moeder, Assistant Vice President/ Undergraduate Admissions and Student Financial Assistance

Cindy Bontrager, Director/ Budget Office
Fran Willbrant, Controller/ Controller's Office
Monty Nielsen, Registrar/ Registrar's Office
Ed Rice, Associate Vice President/ Facilities

Gary Leitnaker, Assistant Vice President/ Human Resources
Al Cochran, Assistant Provost/ Office of the Provost
Rob Caffey, Director/ Office of Mediated Education
Kristi Konda, Student Representative/ SGA

Non-Voting Members:

Jay Alloway, Assistant Director/ Computing & Telecommunication Services
TBA , Director/ Data & Information Administration
Bailey Childs, Information Systems Office
Diana Blake, Asssociate Director/ Information Systems Office, CHAIR 

John Streeter, Director/ Information Systems Office
Mark Grinter, Associate Director/ Information Systems Office
Rebecca Gould, Director/ iTAC

The Committee will act in an advisory capacity to the Vice President of Administration and Finance and the Executive Computing Committee.  Considering the mission of the university and all affected users, the Committee will receive, review, and recommend project proposals; discuss, propose, and advocate short- and long-term direction; and monitor progress of active central management information systems projects.  By periodically assessing progress, the Committee will be able to make informed recommendations to further progress, redirect efforts, or discontinue a project.  Reports to the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

University Environmental Stewardship Committee (8047)

Steve Galitzer, Environmental Health & Safety, ex-officio, CHAIR
Mitch Ricketts, College of Agriculture
David Mitchell, College of Architecture, Planning & Design
Beth Montelone, College of Arts & Sciences   

Brian Niehoff, College of Business and Administration
Larry Scharmann, College of Education
Byron Jones, College of Engineering
Rita Newell, College of Human Ecology

Jean Darbyshire, Hale Library
Jung Oh, College of Technology & Aviation
Donald Robertson, College of Veterinary Medicine
Jerry Jaax, University Compliance, ex-officio
Cheryl Strecker, Sr. Associate University Attorney

Committee is responsible for recommending policies on hazardous waste issues to the Campus Environmental Health and Safety Committee, reviewing Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) compliance issues, reviewing notice of violations, recommending and acting as a review board for complaints.  Reports to the Vice President of Administration and Finance.

Laser Safety Committee (8048)

(appointed annually, no limitation on number of terms)

Brett DePaola, Physics, CHAIR
Terry Beck, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
Viktor Chikan, Chemistry
Ron Bridges, Environmental Health and Safety, ex-officio
Deon Van Der Merwe, Diagnostic Medicine & Pathology
This committee is to oversee the LASER Safety program including but not limited to laboratory/facility inspections to ensure that safety requirements are being met, provide consulting in evaluating and controlling hazards, investigate accidents involving LASERs, require registration of LASERs, and has authority to terminate operations if controls are inadequate.  The committee will also act as a sounding board for LASER users.  Reports to the Vice President of Administration and Finance.

Advisory Committee for Universal Design and Accessibility (8049)

Andrea Blair, CHAIR, ex officio
Roberta Maldonado Franzen, Talent Acquisition, DHCS
D. Ann Pearce, Student Access Center
Neil Erdwien, Communications & Marketing
Jason Maseberg-Tomlinson, Global Campus
Christopher Kennedy, Information Technology Services (AY 16-17)
Alice Trussell, K-State Libraries
Skyler Harper, Housing & Dining Services (AY 16-17)
Mark Taussig, Facilities Planning
Larry Davis, Biochemistry (AY 14-15)
Ann Knackendoffel, Faculty (AY 15-16)
Connie Kissee, USS Employee Rep (AY 14-15)

James Geary, Student (AY 14-15)
Taylor Fetrow, Student (AY 14-15)
Charlie Wilks, Student (AY 14-15)

Studies and recommends utilization of resources and development of procedures to facilitate the needed programs for accommodation of disabled persons. Reports to the Provost.

Campus Environmental Health and Safety Committee (8050)

Jason Hartman, Faculty Senate Representative, Kansas Forest Service, CHAIR (AY 14-15)
Michael Raine, Faculty Senate Representative, College of Business Administration (AY 14-15)

2014-2015 Membership TBA

Slawomir Dobrzanski, Faculty Senate Representative, Department of Music
Bob Tackett, Vice President for Student Life Representative, Lafene Student Health Center
Kerry Jennings, University Support Staff Senate Representative, Housing and Dining Services
John Wolfe, University Support Staff Senate Representative, Animal Science and Industry
Shahna Campbell, Student Senate Representative, SGA
Brian Niehoff, Provost Representative, Office of the Provost
Heath Ritter, VP/Research Representative, Research/Vice Provost

Steve Galitzer, VPAF Representative/ex-officio, Environmental Health & Safety
Julie Johnson, Research, National Ag Biosecurity Center

Acts as umbrella committee to other safety committees to coordinate safety-related activities on campus. The Chairs from Safety Committees:  8049-8056, 8060, 8280, and 8290 will also serve as support for this committee. To promote, create, and maintain a safe and healthful environment by conducting inspections for fire safety, industrial safety and chemical safety in campus buildings. Reports to the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

Radiation Safety Committee (8052)

J. Ernie Minton, Animal Science & Industry, CHAIR
Weiqun "George" Wang, Human Nutrition
Brett Depaola, Physics
Jeffrey Geuther, Mechanical & Nulcear Engineering

Laura Armbrust, Clinical Sciences
Heather Ritter, Research and Compliance
Sandra Hoffman, Facilities
Subbarat Muthukrishnan, Biochemistry

Dr. Linda Skiles, Lafene Student Health Center, ex-officio
Maria Catanach, Assistant Radiation Safety Officer / EHS, ex-officio

Formulates University policies and regulations concerning the acquisition, use and disposal of radioactive materials as required by, and in accordance with, Title 10, Chapter 1, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 33 and Kansas Radiation Protection Regulations, Part 3, Regulation 28-35-182 (B),(3)(a). Responsible for radiation safety aspects of activities conducted under University's Radioactive Materials License. Reports to the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

Reactor Safeguards Committee (8053)

Don Fenton, Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering, ex-offico, CHAIR
Mo Hosni, Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering
William Dunn, Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering 
Douglas McGregor, Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering
Ali Abdou, Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering

Ken Shultis, Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering
Ali Abdou, Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering
Brett Depaola, Physics
Jeremy Schmidt, Physics

Ron Bridges, Environmental Health and Safety, Radiation Safety Officer, ex-officio
Jeffrey Geuther, Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering, Reactor Facility Manager, ex-officio

Formulates and reviews reactor safeguards as required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Title 10, Chapter 1, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 50, and by NRC Docket No. 50-188 for Reactor License No. R-88, Amendment 3. Reports to Vice President for Admin. and Finance.

Institutional Biosafety Committee (8056)

Harold Trick, Plant Pathology, CHAIR
Ron Bridges, Public Safety, ex-officio
Roman Ganta, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology
Brooke Bloomberg, CMG
Phillip Klebba, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics
William Kennedy, III, Community Member
Earl J. Reppert, Community Member
David Grieger, ASI, Reproductive Molecular Biology
Jerry Jaax, URCO, ex-officio 
Kristin Michel, Biology
Julie Johnson, BRI Safety Officer, ex-officio
Thu Annelise Nguyen, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology
Nancy Jaax, Community Member
Denver Marlow, Director of CMG
Earl J Reppert


Heath Ritter, URCO, Jaax Alternate
Hao Vu, BRI, Julie Johnson Alternate
Barbara Drolet, CGAHR, William Wilson alternate

Formulates and implements university policies regarding the use of biohazardous materials at the University, including the practices for constructing and handling of: (1) recombinant DNA molecules; (2) organisms and viruses containing recombinant DNA molecules, according to the federal regulations of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (ref: Federal Register 41, [1976] 27920), and subsequent amendments). The committee also has the responsibility for oversight into the proposed use of infectious agents. Reports to the Vice President of Research.

K-State University Support Staff Award of Excellence Selection Committee (8073)

Jennifer Gehrt, Human Resources Liaison, ex-officio, CHAIR
Mary Kaufman, University Support Staff Senate Representative
Annette Hernandez, University Support Staff At-Large
Hong Wang, Faculty Senate Rep

Anita Leitz Kesler, Unclassified At-Large
Andy Hurtig, SGA/Student Senate Representative
Bridget Beran, Student At-Large
Lois Schreiner, Previous Year Award Winner

Joanna Berg, Previous Year Award Winner
Carol Marden, Previous Year Award Winner

Manages the award process for the K-State University Support Staff Award of Excellence to include, but not limited to the following: Notify University Support Staff employees nominations are being accepted, review submitted nominations for completeness, review all nomination applications, select awardees for the University Support Staff Award of Excellence based on submitted nomination forms and defined criteria for the award, have awards prepared, notify University Support Staff Senate of awardees, and provide written paragraphs for the recognition ceremony.

President's Award of Excellence for Unclassified Professionals Selection Committee (8074)

Jennifer Gehrt, HR Liason, CHAIR, ex-officio
Lisa Shubert, Unclassified Professional Representative (AY 14-15)

Lynda Spire, Unclassified Professional Representative (AY 14-15)
Jan Taggart, University Support Staff Representative (AY 14-15)

Erin Woods, SGA Representative (AY 14-15)

Manages the award process for the President's Award of Excellence for Unclassified Professionals, to include, but not limited to the following: Notify the university community that nominations are being accepted, review submitted nominations for completeness, review all nomination applications, select awardees based on submitted nomination forms and defined criteria for the award, have awards prepared, notify the President's Office of awardees, and prepare a news release.

President's Commission on the Status of Women (8075)

Carrie Fink, CHAIR (AY 14-15)

Faculty Representatives:

Beverley Earles (AY 14-15)
Melia Erin Fritch (AY 15-16)
Sara Luly (AY 15-16)

Salina Faculty Representative:

Patricia Ackerman (AY 14-15)

Unclassified Professional Rep:

Stephanie Morris (AY 15-16)
Kiley Moody (AY 15-16)
Ann Pearce (AY 15-16) 

University Support Staff Representatives:

Hanna Manning (AY 14-15)
Carrie Fink (AY 14-15)
Julie Wilburn (AY 15-16)

Student Representatives:

Jordan Martin (AY 14-1 5)
Jennifer Frederick (AY 14-15)
Deyni Mejia-Zaccaro (AY 14-15)

Ex officio:

Jessica Haymaker, CARE
Brian Niehoff, Associate Provost
Michele Janette, Women's Studies
Myra Gordon, Associate Provost, Diversity
Sarah Webb, Office of Student Life
Sara Thurston Gonzalez, International Progranis

Reviews the roles, needs, and opportunities of women students, faculty, and staff at K-State and makes recommendations for change where appropriate. Reports to the President.

University Support Staff Peer Review (8076)

Jim Chacon, Facilities/Physical (AY 14-15)
Robyn Dreher, Veterinary Medicine (AY 14-15)
Kerry Jennings, Housing and Dining Services (AY 14-15)
Carol Marden, Counseling Services (AY 14-15)
Brandli Millington, University Police (AY 14-15)
John Wolf, Animal Sciences and Industry (AY 14-15)
Jacqueline Anders, Statistics (AY 15-16)
Kelvin Battle, Facilities Building Maintenance (AY 15-16)
Andrew Koharchik, University Police (AY 15-16)
Roxana Ortiz, Provost Office (AY 15-16)
Lois Schreiner, Animal Science and Industry (AY 15-16)
Janice Taggart, Grain Science and Industry (AY 15-16)
Additional 2014-2015 Membership TBA 
Hears University Support Staff complaints of discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, ancestry, age, or disability, and hears appeals of decisions on employee performance evaluation ratings, and proposed dismissal, demotion, and suspension where the cases have been processed in accordance with Kansas Personnel Regulation Rules. Reports to the Vice President of Administration and Finance.

President's Commission on Multicultural Affairs (8077)

Laverne Bitsie-Baldwin, College of Engineering/MEP
Michelle Bowen, HR, Continuing Education 
Mirta Chavez, Multicultural Programs and Services/Office of Diversity
Kimathi Choma, College of Arts & Sciences 

Michelle Edwards, Classified Senate
Ronnie Elmore, College of Veterinary Medicine
Lori Goetsch, University Libraries

Myra Gordon, Office of Diversity, Chair
Bette Grauer, College of Engineering 
Kathleen Greene, Student Life, McNair, Educational Supportive Services
Fred Guzek, Faculty Senate

Shawna Jordan, College of Human Ecology 
Amanda Morales, College of Education 
Roberta Maldonado-Franzen, Office of Affirmative Action
Dawne Martin, College of Business Administration 

Rebeca Paz, Pilots Program, Student Life
Geraldine Craig, Graduate School
Dixie Schierlman, College of Technology & Aviation 
Barbara Steward, University Libraries                          

Vibhavari Jani, College of Architecture, Planning & Design 
LaBarbara Wigfall, College of Architecture, Planning & Design
Zelia Wiley, College of Agriculture 
Bryon Williams, Office of Admissions

The responsibility of the committee will be to: a) establish/recommend goals and policy; b) provide leadership/coordination to all campus diversity efforts; c) coordinate the creation of the university's strategic plan for diversity and all updates to it; d) assist in creating and developing a "University Climate of Inclusiveness and Diversity;" e) ensure that Commission recommendations remain a high priority in the language and planning efforts of Kansas State University; f) issue a biannual report to the K-State community which includes information about progress towards University goals, e.g., funds expended, enrollment and retention data, achievement and graduation patterns, significant programs, and activities; and g) co-sponsor the annual Diversity Summit. Reports to the President.

K-State Campaign for Nonviolence (8078)

Heather Reed, Office of Student Life, CHAIR
Dorinda Lambert, Counseling Services
Betsy Cauble, Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work
Torry Dickinson, Women's Studies

Mary Kay Siefers, Advisor to QSA
Kerri Keller, Director of Career & Employment Services
Andrea Blair, Disability Support Services
Roberta Maldonado-Franzen, Affirmative Action

Sally Bailey, Theater Department
Scott Jones, Office of Student Life
Don Stubbings, KSU Police Department 
Daryl Youngman, Libraries

Jacque Gibbons, Social Work
Mary Todd, Women's Center
Susana Valdovinos, Office of Academic Personnel
Gary Leitnaker, Human Resources

Julie Gibbs, Lafene Health Center
Gayle Spencer, Student Activities and Services
Nadezda Shapkina, Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work
Katie Wright, Student

Tom Vontz, Faculty Senate President
Brandon Haddock, Educational and Personal Development
Stephanie Bannister, Housing and Dining Services
Andrew Moeller, KSU Police Department

The purpose of the committee is: a) to plan, develop, and begin implementing a campus-wide anti-violence campaign; b) to continue to gather information about campus services, programs and classes dealing with violence issues through steps ranging from prevention/education to adjudication; c) to seek external funding (where possible) for extension of violence prevention and nonviolence education programs on campus; and d) to make recommendations for revisions of existing campus policy and suggest procedures/programs needed to address gaps in dealing with violence and abuse of power issues as they impact the K-State campus and community.  Reports to the Vice President for Student Life.

Integrity in Research and Scholarly Activity Committee (8080)

Dirk Maier, Professor, Grain, Science & Industry (AY 16-17)
Bruce Schultz, Professor, Anatomy & Physiology (AY 16-17)
David R Stone, Professor, History (AY 16-17)
Patricia Thompson, Asociate Professor, School of Music, Theatre & Dance (AY 16-17)

Zongzhu Lin, Mathematics (AY 15-16)
Spencer Wood, Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work (AY 15-16)
Steven Starrett, Civil Engineering (AY 15-16)
Derek Mosier, Veterinary Medicine (AY 15-16)

Walter Schumm, Human Ecology (AY 14-15)
Hikaru Hanawa Peterson, Agriculture (AY 14-15)
Wayne Goins, Arts & Sciences (AY 14-15)
Sunanda Dissayanake, Engineering (AY 14-15)

The members of the IRSAC committee serve as a pool from which panelists are selected to hear specific cases of alleged academic misconduct as described in Appendix O of the University Handbook. This committee fulfills responsibilities specified in federal regulations regarding scientific misconduct. Reports to the Provost through the Vice President of Research. 

Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Time Commitment Management Plan Review Committee(short, Conflict Management Plan Review Committee, or CMPRC)  (8090)

Jim Guikema, Associate Vice President for Research
Jerry Jaax, Associate Vice President for Research Compliance and University Veterinarian
Ernie Minton, Associate Director Agricultural Experiment Station

Linda Thurston, Associate Dean of Education
Jeannie Sneed, Department Head of Hospitality Management and Dietetics
Michael Dryden, Distinguished Professor of Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology

The committee will review Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Time Commitment Disclosure forms that have potential conflicts of interest or time commitment issues.  The committee will seek the advice of the university general counsel as appropriate.  The committee will make recommendation to the Provost.  The Provost will make the final decision. 

Intellectual Property Advisory Committee (8120)

James Guikema, AVPR, CHAIR
Ken Williams, KSU-IC
Lindsay Biggs, KSU-IC
Bret Ford, KSU-IC

Tresa Landis, KSURF
Indira Mohoanty, KSURF
Marcia Molina, KSURF
Bret Lanz, AMI

The Intellectual Property Advisory Committee (IPAC) will be deemed advisory to the vice provost for research. IPAC will review the technical merit and also the market and commercial potential of inventions, discoveries, and creations developed within the Kansas State University community by employees and students.  Reports to the Vice President of Research.

International Activities Advisory Committee (8250)

This committee is not currently meeting.

Helps to enhance international activities on campus and makes recommendations to the Provost on ways to strengthen our international programs.

Appointment Committee for Mediation (8260)

This committee is not currently meeting.

Screens and selects mediators.  Reviews the list of mediators every three years to assure mediators continue to meet certifications or equivalents.

Out-of-State Fees Appeals Committee (8270)

Monty Nielsen, Registrar, CHAIR, ex-officio

Lindsey Cordill, International Programs (AY 14-15)
Meagan Duever, K-State Libraries (AY 14-15)
Bryan Kraus, Director of Systems and Financial Reports, Division of Financial Services (AY 15-16)
Donald Phillippi, Assistant Professor, Arch Engineering and Construction Science (AY 15-16)
Heather D. Markson, Academic Program Coordinator/Advisor, Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering (AY 16-17)
James Badders, Assistant Director, Division of Financial Services, Prof. Staff (AY 16-17)

Jared Bourek, Student (AY 14-15)

Hears appeals from individuals who have been denied in-state status for purposes of assessing tuition. Reports to the Vice President for Student Life.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (8280)

Sally Olson, CMG, Chair
Gayle Willard, Vet Med L. 
Steve Galitzer, Public Safety
Brook Bloomberg, CMG
Denver Marlow, Director of CMG, Attending Veterinarian
David Haukos, Biology
Nancy Grieshaber, Travalong Trailers, Community Member 
Evan Titgemeyer, ASI 
Jerry Jaax, URCO
Tonatuih Melgarejo, Human Nutrition
D. Scott McVey, CGAHR
Stephen Kiefer, Psychological Science



Heath Ritter, URCO (Jaax Alt)
Mark Ruder, Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology
Annika Linde, Human Nutrition

Mary Cain, Psychology

Formulates policies governing laboratory animal care, advises on animal housing requirements, inspects animal care practices, and reviews all protocols involving the use of animals at the university. Committee also has responsibility for providing assurances to external agencies in compliance with federal regulations. Reports to the Vice President of Research.

Confidential/Sensitive Research Committee (8285)

Beth Montelone, Arts & Sciences Associate Dean, CHAIR
Byron Jones, Engineering Experiment Station
Ernie Minton, ASI 
David Garcia, AMI

Shing Chang, Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Richard Oberst, DMP
Jerry Jaax, URCO
James Guikema, AVPR, ex officio 
Paul Lowe, Research, ex officio

Formulates and implements university policies regarding activities proposed by K-State faculty and staff that involves information deemed to be of a nature that general access or distribution of such information would be restricted, inadvisable, illegal, or contraindicated (Section G51 Classified Research, University Handbook).  This could include formally classified material, confidential information, business sensitive information, intellectual property, etc.  The CSRC will meet at the call of the Chair to review applications to the committee.  Reports to the Vice President of Research.

Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects Research (8290)

Rick Scheidt, Family Studies & Human Services, CHAIR
Craig Harms, Kinesiology
Jerry Jaax, URCO
Laura Brannon, Psychology
Nancy Muturi, Journalism & Mass Communications
Christy Moran Craft, Special Education, Counseling & Student Affairs
Farrell Webb, Family Studies & Human Services
Earl J. Reppert, Community Member
Steve Warren, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Shelly Williams, Community Member, Prison Representative
Suzanne Lueker, Director, Non-Traditional Studies

Heath Ritter, URCO, Jaax Alternate

Formulates and implements university policies regarding the use of human subjects in any research project performed by either university employees or students. Responsibilities include reviewing all protocols involving use of human subjects, independent of whether such project is funded, either by an internal or an external sponsor. Committee also serves as the Institutional Review Board established in compliance with federal regulations (ref: Federal Register 45, 46). Reports to the President through the Vice President of Research.

Board of Directors/Student Publications, Inc. (8365)

Non-Student Members:
LaRae Kraemer
Tim Lindemuth
Andy Nelson
Phil Roberts
Julie Yu

Non-Voting Ex-Officio:
Louise Benjamin
Kelly Furnas
Erin Poppe
Nathan Shriver
Aniruddha Rao
Stephen Wolgast

One-Year Term:
Matthew Finley
Emilie Patterson
Abagail Polys
Colin Reynolds
Kathryn Wright

Two-Year Term:
David Chartrand

Student Publications Inc. is a private business.  The corporation's new d/b/a is Collegian Media Group; its corporate name remains Student Publications.

Committee on Religion (8500)

This Committee is currently not meeting.

Formulates University religious guidelines and coordinates religious activities and dialogue in a pluralistic community. Reports to the Vice President for Student Life.

 Big 12 Faculty Fellowship Committee (8504)

Debbie Mercer, Dean of Education (AY 14-15)
Jon Hunt, Landscape Architecture/Regional and Community Planning (AY 14-15)
Channa Rajashekar, Horticulture, Forestry, and Recreation Resources, CHAIR (AY 14-15)

Lauren Ritterbush, Associate Professor, Anthropology (AY 15-16)
Daniel Ireton, Assistant Professor, K-State Libraries (AY 15-16)

Haiyan Wang, Associate Professor, Statistics (AY 16-17)
Don Von Bergen, Department Head of Arts, Sciences, and Business, Salina (AY16-17)

Review application materials and select recipients of Big 12 Faculty Fellowship Awards.

Dorothy L. Thompson Civil Rights Lecture Series (8505)

This Committee is currently not meeting.

Supervises the lecture series.

Kansas State University Appeals Board (for University Support Staff, USS) (8610)

Carol Marden, Counseling Services, CHAIR (AY 15-16)
Ann Marie Treinen, Division of Financial Services, VICE-CHAIR (AY 15-16)

Tammie Campbell, Registrar’s Office, (AY 14-15)
Douglas Kraemer, Housing & Dining Services, (AY 14-15)
Diana McElwain, Vice President for Research, (AY 14-15)
Lindsay Thompson, Physics (AY 14-15)
Steve Wolgast, Collegian/School of Journalism & Mass Communications (AY 14-15)

Austin Daugherty, Network & Telecommunication Services (AY 15-16)
Scott Jones, Dean of Student Life (AY 15-16)
Jacqueline Spears, Center for Science Education (AY 15-16)

Shirley Arck, Veterinary Medical Center (AY 16-17)
Brittany Green, Agronomy (AY 16-17)
Jane Montgomery, Parking Services (AY 16-17)
Jennyfer Owensby, Vice President Communications & Marketing (AY 16-17)
Delmar Westover, Facilities Grounds, (AY 16-17)

Hears USS appeals of suspension without pay, demotion, or dismissal. Reports to the Vice President in the Division of Human Capital Services (VPHC).