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Honor and Integrity System

Honor Council

Investigating and Adjudicating Body of the Honor & Integrity System

87 Members:  Faculty and Students 

The Honor Council is a vital component of the Honor & Integrity System. Honor Council members receive professional development in serving as case review board members and hearing panelists. Honor Council members are also tasked with educating the campus community about the K-State Honor & Integrity System, its policies and procedures. Honor Council members also adhere to the student development perspective of the Honor & Integrity System, as well as to the demands of strict confidentiality.


Current Honor Council members and their terms and designations.

Application (doc)

Form for becoming a student member of the Honor Council.


Listing of expectations of Honor Council members.

Case Review Board Process (doc)
Case Review Board Template/Script (doc)
Case Review Board Decision Form (doc)
Hearing Template (PDF)

An example of a Hearing Panel template for multiple violations hearings.

Hearing Ethics and Tips

Ethical standards have been established to protect the privacy of the student(s) involved in a hearing and to maintain the standards of the Honor & Integrity System.