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June 15, 2015

Update on budget

Submitted by Jeff Morris

The Kansas Legislature passed a revenue bill last week, ending the longest session in state history. The governor is expected to sign the revenue bill and budget bill, which was previously sent to his office. There may be some further adjustments to the budget as the revenue numbers are finalized. The bill as passed has flat funding for higher education.

The university is submitting tuition proposals to the Kansas Board of Regents today for first reading on June 17 and second reading on June 18. The budget bill caps tuition for the next two years at 2 percent plus an amount based on an annual average for the consumer price index. For fiscal year 2016, a tuition increase up to 3.6 percent may be allowed.

Under the leadership of Provost and Senior Vice President April Mason, the University Budget Advisory Committee has prepared multiple scenarios and will submit recommendations to President Kirk Schulz based on the approved budget. Once the final budget and tuition increases are known, guidance will be provided to the university community. This year's budget contains funding for the Seaton Hall revitalization project from the Educational Building Fund, allowing that vital project to move ahead.

The next faculty and staff letter from President Kirk Schulz will provide the university community with a complete budget explanation for the upcoming year. The most current information can be found at k-state.edu/update or by calling 785-532-1565.