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K-State Today

June 15, 2015

Dispose of unused lab chemicals June 22-July 9

Submitted by Karen Burg

Dear faculty and staff,

Think back to the last time you cleaned out your garage or closet: Remember the feeling of accomplishment and how nice it was to have a clean, organized space?

K-State's second "Let's Clean and Go Green" event is June 22 through July 9. During this time, just as unwanted furniture or equipment can be cleaned from departments, outdated or excess chemicals can be disposed of by emailing a list to safety@k-state.edu. Environmental Health and Safety staff will arrange a time to pick up and dispose of your chemicals at no cost. For more information call Kelly Green at 785-532-5856.

So go ahead and organize that lab and send that email. You'll prevent future inspection problems and ensure good chemical stewardship, plus your lab won't look like something out of PhD Comics.

Happy cleaning!

Karen J.L. Burg