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June 15, 2015

Kinesiology, nutrition faculty and students present at sports medicine meeting

Submitted by Jane P. Marshall

David C. Poole, professor in the kinesiology department, was chair of a symposium on Threshold Concepts in Athletic Performance at the recent international conference of the American College of Sports Medicine 62nd annual International Meeting May 26-30 in San Diego, CA.

He also presented "Oxygen and Skeletal Muscle; Physiological Thresholds: Measurement and Mechanistic Bases" and "Vascular Control Above Critical Power."

Timothy I. Musch, professor in kinesiology, presented "Is There a Disconnect Between Human and Animal Fatigue Models? What Do We Need To Do?"

College of Human Ecology faculty members, students and recent graduates presenting their work in posters or slides were:

  • Poole and Thomas J. Barstow, kinesiology, with others on Greater Absolute Deoxygenation in Deep Versus Superficial Quadriceps Muscles at Voxmax During Cycle Ergometry.
  • Brad Behnke, kinesiology, with others on Differential Effects of Flow Stasis on Flow-mediated dilation in diaphragm and soleus skeletal muscle arterioles.
  • Craig A. Harms, kinesiology department head, with others on Pulmonary Diffusing Capacity is Unaltered in Elite Swimmers after Restricted Breathing Training.
  • Harms with others on Respiratory Muscle Fatigue is Reduced after Controlled Frequency Breath-Hold Training in Elite Swimmers.
  • Richard R. Rosenkranz, Department of Human Nutrition, with others on Validation of a Brief Stages of Change Instrument for the Goal of 10,000 Steps Daily.
  • Stephanie Kurti, Stephen Chapes, Brooke Cull, Colby Teeman, Sam Emerson and Troy Klaassen with faculty members Sarah Rosenkranz in human nutrition and Harms onThe Effect of Physical Activity on Post-Prandial Triglycerides and Airway Inflammation Following a High-Fat Meal. 
  • Scott Ferguson, Clark Holdsworth, Angela Glean, Jennifer Wright and Trenton Colburn with professors Musch and Poole on Exercising Muscle Vascular Control: Impact of Nitrite Infusion during NOS Blockade in Rats.
  • Holdsworth, Ferguson, Colburn and Sue Hageman with professors Poole and Musch on ATP-sensitive K+ Channel Contribution to Skeletal Muscle Vascular Control in Rats During High Speed Running.
  • Colby Teeman, Cull, Kurti, Emerson with human nutrition faculty Mark Haub and Sara Rosenkranz on Does Vo2peak Moderate the Association Between Dietary Fat Intake and Post-prandial Fat Oxidation?
  • Tammi Paolilli, Cheyenne Becker, Carlisle, Frye and Gilmore with Katie M. Heinrich, associate professor in kinesiology, on Is High-Intensity Functional Training Sufficient for Improving Cardiovascular Endurance in Cancer Survivors?
  • Jesse C. Craig, Ryan M. Broxterman, Chen Jia and Steven Warren with professor Barstow on Beetroot Supplementation and Small Muscle Mass Handgrip Exercise: Effect on Central and Peripheral Fatigue.
  • Frye, Stevenson, Gilmore, Carlisle with professor Heinrich on Does High Intensity Functional Training Elicit Strength Gains In Both Novice And Experienced Participants?
  • Carlisle, Jacob Frye, Gilmore, Stevenson with professor Heinrich on Effect of Previous Organized Sport Experience on Improvements From, Adherence To, and Enjoyment of Crossfit.
  • Joshua R. Smith, Ariel Johnson and Sarah Kolmer with professor Harms on Impact of Physical Activity on Airway Responsiveness and Bronchodilation in Healthy Subjects.
  • Emerson and Kurti with professors S. Rosenkranz, R Rosenkranz and Harms on Is There a Link Between Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption and Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction Across Pubertal Growth?
  • Professor Heinrich with Carlisle, Frye, Gilmore and Stevenson on Key Factors Influencing Adherence to High-Intensity Functional Training.
  • Broxterman, Craig, and Samuel Wilcox with professor Barstow on Modeling the Utilization and Reconstruction of w’ within the Contraction-relaxation Cycle for Handgrip.
  • Cull with professors R. Rosenkranz, Haub and S. Rosenkranz on The Seated Inactivity Trial Health Outcomes Associated with Eight Weeks of Imposed Sedentary Behavior.