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April 8, 2015

Electronic waste collection event a success

Submitted by Kelly Greene

Kansas State University partnered with its hazardous waste services provider, Stericycle, and Howie's Recycling for a successful electronics waste recycle day. Nearly 230 participants brought more than 23,000 pounds of electronic waste, or e-waste, to the March 28 collection event. Stericycle and K-State worked together to secure sponsors to provide materials, equipment, in-kind services and monetary contributions to support the event.

The event was a collaboration of volunteers, K-State, Stericycle, Howie's and many local businesses, working as as a team to support the community in protecting the environment. The collected items were taken by Howie's for recycling. The electronics are taken apart to component level, with the components processed back into raw materials for use in new products.

Disposal of e-waste in municipal landfills is potentially harmful because of toxic heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, chromium and mercury. This event offers the community a safe alternative. Most of the materials in e-waste — plastic, glass, metals and precious metals — are highly recyclable and have value if handled properly. This effort shows the commitment of Kansas State and the city of Manhattan to offer more recycling options that lead to a more sustainable community.