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K-State Today

January 30, 2015

Office of Corporate Engagement finalizes 2025 strategic action plan

Submitted by Karen Burg

The Corporate Engagement Strategic Directions Task Force convened several times during the 2014 academic year, charged by Kansas State University President Kirk Schulz to recommend industry-related strategic goals and objectives aligned with the K-State 2025 university, college/unit and departmental plans. The Draft K-State 2025 Corporate Engagement Strategic Action Plan was made public in April 2014 and feedback was invited and received from internal and external constituencies through mid-October.

Enhancing industry engagement is a common thread that weaves throughout the K-State 2025 action and implementation plans. Feedback received from you, the K-State community, has informed the final draft of the Corporate Engagement Strategic Action Plan, which is now posted on the K-State 2025 website. A snapshot of the Office of Corporate Engagement, or OCE, objectives are as follows:

Working with strategic university collaborators, the Office of Corporate Engagement will endeavor to:

  • Connect corporate partners with K-State strengths, expertise and services
  • Advance robust strategic corporate/industry relationships
  • Further cutting-edge interdisciplinary research
  • Strengthen workforce development opportunities
  • Increase corporate philanthropy
  • Adopt a holistic corporate engagement approach
  • Foster a campus culture that values corporate engagement as a core business strategy
  • Build the K-State corporate engagement brand
  • Develop a model Office of Corporate Engagement

The K-State 2025 Corporate Engagement Strategic Action Plan highlights the role of the Office of Corporate Engagement as the central information clearinghouse, a primary point of contact for industry interactions and a catalyst for professional development activities for corporate relations. K-State faculty and staff are encouraged to share information about their corporate contacts with the Office of Corporate Engagement, and to contact Director Richard Potter at rmpotter@k-state.edu when seeking information or direction about all things corporate. His objective is to quickly connect you with the appropriate people and units, and to minimize logistical burdens to you. Feedback is always welcomed and encouraged; we want to provide the help you need. Thank you to Richard and his multidisciplinary team for spearheading the ongoing Industry Boot Camp workshop series — a great example of actualizing the OCE vision.

Best wishes, hope your semester is off to a great start!
Karen J.L. Burg, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research