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January 27, 2015

Check your 2015 health insurance elections

Submitted by Human Capital Services Benefits

Please verify your open enrollment elections.

The Jan. 2 paycheck had employee deductions for health insurance and flexible spending reflected. Please pay special attention to the flexible spending account annual pledge. The per pay period amount may be different than your confirmation indicates, as the state of Kansas calculations are based only on a 12-month basis and this will directly affect those employees with a nine-month appointment.

The paychecks issued on Jan. 16 have deductions and deposits for your Health Savings Account — employee and employer — or Health Reimbursement Accounts — employer only — reflected. Please verify your annual pledge is correct for your health savings account. As with flexible spending, state of Kansas calculations are based only on a 12-month basis.

Kansas State University's payroll programming is calculating the per pay period amount so that 12-month and nine-month annual amounts are correct with the annual amount elected. Therefore, employees may find a discrepancy when comparing the per pay period election in MAP and on the paycheck. Please ensure you are looking at the annual amount for verification.

Should you find a discrepancy from your October enrollment, please email your confirmation statement to rjs@k-state.edu and explain the discrepancy. The state of Kansas will need the confirmation statement to correct any errors. 

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