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K-State Today

December 19, 2014

Monday's power outage update

Submitted by Division of Facilities

There was a power outage from approximately 8-9 p.m. Monday, Dec. 15, on the Kansas State University Manhattan campus.

Building and campus systems that may have been without power during the outage:

  • Ahearn Field House
  • Anderson Hall
  • Burt Hall
  • Bushnell Hall
  • Call Hall
  • Calvin Hall
  • Campus Chilled Water Plant
  • Campus Creek Complex
  • Campus Steam Plant
  • Cardwell Hall
  • Danforth Chapel
  • Durland-Rathbone-Fiedler Hall
  • Dykstra: Campus Video Surveillance Camera and Energy Meter servers
  • Eisenhower Hall
  • English Counseling Services
  • East Memorial Stadium
  • Fairchild Hall
  • Hale Library
  • Holton Hall
  • Kedzie Hall
  • Leasure Hall
  • McCain Auditorium
  • Gen. Richard B. Myers Hall
  • Nichols Hall
  • President's Residence
  • Seaton Hall and Seaton Court
  • K-State Student Union
  • Thompson Hall
  • Umberger Hall
  • West Memorial Stadium

Normally a Westar 34.5 kilovolt loop provides uninterrupted power by automatically switching if a fault is detected but the service was disabled due to construction of Phase IV of the Engineering Complex. This service will return to normal operation in March 2015. Facilities personnel are identifying and remedying isolated cases of building back-up power failure.