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K-State Today

November 11, 2014

Online seminar: Helping students succeed in large classes Nov. 20

Submitted by Mick Charney

Jana Fallin, director of the Teaching and Learning Center at K-State, and Mick Charney, 2014-2015 Coffman Chair for University Distinguished Teaching Scholars, invite you to join a live online seminar "Helping Students Succeed in a Large Classroom" at noon Thursday, Nov. 20, in the Undergraduate Research Conference Room 001 at Wildcat Landing.

This 60-minute seminar, produced by Magna Publications, is free to all K-State instructors, advisers and administrators. Magna Publications — the sponsor of The Teaching Professor conferences, workshops and newsletters — said that class size influences everything from course design to content delivery to class flow to assignments and grading.

Kenneth Alford and Tyler Griffin, both from Brigham Young University, will teach you how to:

  • be less fearful and anxious about teaching large classes;
  • foster ongoing accountability for all students;
  • engage introverted students;
  • use technology to shrink your classroom;
  • train students to use an FAQ system to avoid your having to answer the same question multiple times;
  • delegate effectively;
  • empower students to help themselves;
  • tailor your approach to your physical setting; and
  • employ humor and other presentation tactics to reach all students.

Bring your own brown bag lunch. Seating is limited in the conference room. Alternatively, you may choose to view the seminar from the comfort of your own office or home.

In either case, you will need to register for this special event by sending an email to Mick Charney at charney@k-state.edu. Please indicate which live viewing option you prefer — the brown bag lunch or on your own. Reminders about the seminar and/or internet connection instructions will be sent to all registrants approximately two days prior to the live seminar and then again on the morning of the live seminar.

If you are unable to view the live seminar, on-demand online access to a recorded version of the seminar will be available for 30 days after Nov. 20. Log on instructions for the on-demand version will be sent out to all registrants shortly after the live event.