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December 1, 2011

2+2 partnership equals new possibilities for one community college student

Submitted by Communications and Marketing

For Nathan Legleiter, Barton Community College's 2+2 agreement with Kansas State University has meant new opportunities and fulfilling a dream that had been put on hold.

Three years ago Legleiter, a Great Bend resident, began the 2+2 program offered through Barton Community College with K-State. The 2+2 agreements between K-State and the state's 19 community colleges allow students to complete a four-year bachelor's degree in general business. Students take courses for two years at their community college and then finish their remaining two years of course work through online courses offered through K-State's distance education program.

Legleiter said the 2+2 agreement is a convenient way to earn a degree from K-State.

"There's no way I could work full time, spend time with my family and travel between Great Bend and Manhattan for a degree -- it would be impossible," he said. "But this works great for me. In the evenings I put the kids to bed at 7:30 p.m. and then I go down to the basement and I study."

Although a bit skeptical about taking online classes from K-State, the experience and material mirrors that offered on campus, Legleiter said.

"It's actually a lot like taking a class on campus," he said. "You have a book, you have homework and due dates, and you have lectures -- they're all just online. But that means that I can get the material from anywhere, including a smartphone if I want, and also get it whenever it works best for my schedule. If I have a question, I just send an email and I'll get an answer quickly."

Concern about whether his credits from Barton Community College would effectively transfer to K-State was also a feeling that quickly vanished since the 2+2 program lists exactly what classes are needed at the community college.

Legleiter said he expects his bachelor's degree to open new opportunities at the administrative level in the electric company where he works.

Additionally, the 2+2 program has also given Legleiter another chance to be a K-State student -- something that's been a bit of a tradition in his family.

"I've had many family members graduate from K-State and it was always a dream of mine, but I never thought it would be a reality," Legleiter said. "Someday soon I will be extremely proud to refer to K-State as my alma mater."

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