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December 1, 2011

Review the recruitment procedures for classified staff

Submitted by Communications and Marketing

The office of affirmative action has seen an increase in classified recruitment on campus. Here is brief outline of the search procedures to follow once you have received your certified list from the Division of Human Resources:

  1. Establish a screening and interview panel.  This is usually two or three persons that are familiar with the position.
  2. Screen the applications and resumes. Each screener should independently review each application and resume and rate each job qualification to determine each applicant's total score.
  3. Submit the Position Summary, each screener’s AA-28(s) and a summary AA-28 that shows the combined scores (the sum of each screener’s) or the average score to the office of affirmative action.
  4. Contact the office of affirmative action for approval to interview. Be prepared to explain the job qualifications, ratings and scores when you talk to the office of affirmative action staff member.
  5. Interview the applicants.
  6. Contact the office of affirmative action for authorization to make a job offer. Be prepared to provide job-related reason(s) for the person recommended for hire and job-related reason(s) for nonselection for those interviewed. Example: John Doe has 13 years of job related experience. Jane Doe did not have experience with Microsoft.
  7. Offer the position contingent on a successful background check. Complete the per-10 and submit the form the office of affirmative action for signature.

Please see the office of affirmative action's website for more details on the screening and selection process to fill a classified position. Please contact the office of affirmative action at 532-6220 if you have any questions.

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