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June 23, 2014

National Safety Month, Week 4: Put an end to distracted driving

Submitted by Lisa Linck

June is almost over, and your commitment to safety has been nothing short of outstanding. By sharing the information below from the National Safety Council during National Safety Month, together we can put an end to distracted driving.

Daily tips to use
June 23: Place your cellphone in the backseat or glove compartment while driving to avoid the urge to check email or texts.
June 24: Plan your day ahead of time, including scheduling calls, so you won't need to use a cellphone while driving.
June 25: Consider using call-blocking technology to prevent incoming calls while you are driving.
June 26: Hands-free devices are not any safer than handheld. If you must make a call while driving, pull over to a safe location and place your vehicle in park.
June 27: Ask other people not to call you when they know you are driving, and if you know someone else is driving, refrain from calling them.

Download the National Safety Council's free cellphone policy kit. This free kit helps employers reduce car crashes and protect their bottom line. Download it today for helpful materials on building leadership support for and creating a cellphone company policy: cellphonekit.nsc.org

Share the National Safety Council's newest infographic on distracted driving. Cellphone use while driving can be a deadly distraction. Check out the latest infographic on hands-free cellphone use.

Read up on best practices. Owens Corning, winner of this year's prestigious Green Cross for Safety medal, has put together a case study about its cellphone distracted driving policy. Check it out for some useful tips.

Stay connected this June, share this Facebook post. Thousands die needlessly each year because people continue to use their cellphones while driving. During our final week of #NSM14, share these simple tips on how to disconnect: http://ow.ly/vyQ56.

Tweet this out: Do you want to end distracted driving? Sign up for National Safety Month to receive free resources, http://ow.ly/vyQ56.

Additional resources:
Be sure to check out these additional resources to help put an end to distracted driving:
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NIOSH Home Health Care Workers

Download and distribute these materials to all of your employees:
Driving Safety Poster
Driving hazard checklist
5-Minute Safety Talk: Driving
Article: Stay focused when others aren’t
Driving Fact Sheet
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