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K-State Today

June 23, 2014

Construction for a new primary electric feeder starts today

Submitted by Jack Carlson

Beginning today, June 23, construction crews from Torgeson Electric will begin excavating for a new 12,470 volt primary electric service.

This new primary electrical service will serve as the backbone to Holtz, Eisenhower, Holton and Anderson halls. Crews will begin by installing two new underground vaults west of Holtz Hall, then begin trenching north of Anderson Hall and continue north, placing the new electrical service under the main campus sidewalk east of Seaton Hall, finally ending at an outdoor switch northwest of Seaton Court. Construction is scheduled to be completed on Aug. 3.

This work will be disruptive to pedestrians walking to and from class this summer. Safety fences will be set up and a temporary sidewalk will be placed to allow people to circulate around the construction area.

We ask for your patience and to please be careful as you walk near the construction area.