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June 23, 2014

Faculty Development Award and University Small Research Grant recipients announced

Submitted by Caron Berges

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs has selected recipients of its spring 2014 Faculty Development Award and University Small Research Grant awardees. Their research, scholarly and creative activities, and discovery proposals were peer-reviewed by a cross-cut team of K-State faculty members and are receiving monetary assistance for their stellar proposals. If you want to know more about the FDA and USRG programs or want to become a reviewer, please contact orsp@k-state.edu.

Faculty Develop Award recipients are:

Katsura Asano, biology, "Control of Stringent Translation Initiation in Eukaryotes" at the 16th Japan RNA Society Meeting and Invited Visit to Niigata University, both in Japan.

Rebecca Bahlmann, art, "Photography as Agency and Commodity in Socially Engaged and Performative Practices" at Performance Studies International Conference in China.

Nora M. Bello, statistics, "Best Paper in JABES by IBS Member for 2012" at the International Biometric Conference in Italy.

Susan J. Brown, biology, "Evolution of Tribolium Genomes" at the 17th Molecular Insect Science in Amsterdam; at the European Evolution of Development Society Repository of Symposium and at the Tribolium Research Community meeting, both in Vienna.

Rollie J. Clem, biology, "Regulation and Activiation of Two Effector Caspsases that Affect Sindbis Virus Replication in Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes" at the Society for Invertebrate Pathology annual meeting in Germany.

Geraldine Craig, art, "Color-Coded: Hmong Clan Identity" at the Costume Colloquium IV: Colors in Fashion in Italy.

Mark C. Crosby, English, "Athenian Flaxman, Car-borne Wonder of Many a Triumph of the Arts' and his Shield of Achilles" at the Blake, the Flaxmans, and Romantic Sociability International Conference in London.

Raju Dandu, engineering technology, the "Ben C. Sparks medal to honoree Tim Simpson, Penn State University, as chair of the ASME Ben C. Sparks Committee" in San Juan.

Maria T. Depaoli, modern languages, "Moving to the Center: Analyzing the Screenplay in Literary and Film Studies" at the seventh Screenwriting Research Network International Conference in Germany.

Melanie M. Derby, mechanical and nuclear engineering, "Steam Flow Condensation in Semi-Circular and Square Mini-Channels" at the 15th International Heat Transfer Conference in Japan.

Steffi Dippold, English, "Worlds of Learning: Education and the Book Trade" at the 32nd Print Networks Conference; "'Cleaning the Stomach': Native Vomiting Sticks and the Purging of Excess in London and the Colonies" at the Society of Early Americanists Conference; and archival research at the British Museum and Library, all in England.

Timothy P. Durrett, biochemistry, "Targeted Metabolic Engineering of Oilseed Crops to Produce High Levels of Industrial Lipids" at the 12th Euro Fed Lipid Congress in France.

Jichul Jang, hospitality management and dietetics, for the research project "Development and Pilot-Test of a Short Education Module that is Designed to Enhance Emotional Intelligence of Hospitality Management Undergraduate Students."

Shreepad Joglekar, art, "Mining the Non-Fiction Work of Art" at the Colors of Memory: An International Conference on the Writing of Geoff Dyer in England.

Myung Kyo Kim, management, "Moving beyond Serendipity: How Supply Network Architecture Becomes Strategic" at the 22nd International EurOMA Conference in Switzerland.

Mary E. Kohn, English, "Finding Our Voice in Longitudinal Sociolinguistic Analysis" at the Methods in Dialectology XV in the Netherlands.

Alexander P. Mathews, civil engineering, "Control of Microbiologically Induced Corrosion of Collection System Infrastructure" at the International Sustainable Stormwater and Wastewater Management Conference in Hong Kong.

Wendy A. Matlock, English, "The Virgin Mary as Sanctified Transgressor in Ashmole MS 61" at the 19th Biennial International Congress of the New Chaucer Society in Iceland.

Heather L. McCrea, history, "VII Simposio de la Sociedad Latinoamericana y Caribena de Historia Ambiental" at the seventh Society of Latin American and Caribbean Environmental History Symposium in Argentina.

Janice McGregor, modern languages, "Metalinguistic L2 Learner Talk-in-interaction in a Study Abroad Context" at the International Association of Applied Linguistics Convention in Australia.

Nancy Morrow, art, "Solo Exhibition at Namu Artist's Space," Seoul, Korea.

Nancy W. Muturi, A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications, "Understanding Childhood Obesity among Ethnic Minorities through Participatory Action Research" and "Rural Sports as a Communication and Prevention Strategy for Chronic Alcholism in Kenya" at the International Association for Media and Communication Research Conference in India.

Philip W. Nel, English, "Erasing Race in Children's Literature" at two conferences: Emotional Control: Affect, Ideology and Texts for Young People and Literature and Affect, both in Australia.

Kara Northway, English, "'[S]ubscribe your names': Early Modern Actors Signing as Witnesses On Stage and Off" at the British Shakespeare Association Conference in Scotland; "Early Modern Actors as Letter-Writers: The Case of Richard Tarleton" at Reading Conference in Early Modern Studies in the United Kingdom; and "Peering Across Institutional Borders: Promoting New and Challenging Forms of Tutor-Tutor Collaboration in Research" at the European Writing Centers Association Conference in Germany.

A. Lorena Passarelli, biology, "Effects of the Baculovirus Fibroblast Growth Factor on Sindbis Virus Replication" at the 47th annual meeting of the Society for Invertebrate Pathology in Germany.

Alexander G. Ramm, mathematics. Present "Wave scattering by many small particles and creating materials with desired refraction coefficients" at the XIX International Seminar/Workshop Direct and Inverse Problems of Electromagnetic and Acoustic Wave Theory (DIPED-2014) in Georgia.

Kyle Riding, civil engineering, "Attenuation of Vibrations in Fresh Concrete" at the XXII Nordic Concrete Research Symposium, which was in conjunction with the Eco-Crete and 23rd Nordic Rheology Conference in Iceland.

Andrew Rys, electrical and computer engineering, "Commercial Electronic Components and Silicon-on-Sapphire Ics at Extreme Cryogenic Temperatures" at the 25th ICEC/ICMC International Conference on Cryogenic Materials.

Steven L. Stockham, diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, "Teaching Clinical Pathology — Start at the End and End at the Start," "Evaluation of Acid-based Data and Related Controversies" and "Because They Say So — Exploration of Dogmas" at the 16th ESVCP Congress in Italy.

Warren N. White, mechanical and nuclear engineering, "A Nonlinear Control Scheme for Extremum Power Seeking in Wind Turbine Energy Conversion Systems" at the American Control conference in Oregon.

Zhiwei Zhang, political science, "Managing Nonprofit Ogranizations in a Digit Era — Does Perception Alter Donor Behavior" at the 17th Sino-U.S. International Conference on Public Administration in China.

University Small Research Grant recipients include:

Heather R. Bailey, psychological sciences for the research project "Plasticity in Aging and Memory for Everyday Events."

Matthew E. Brueseke, geology, for the research project "Rare Earth Element Economic Potential of Pilot Knob, a Pliocene Alkaline Intrusive Complex in the Greater Yellowstone Region, Northwestern Wyoming."

Brent Chamberlain, landscape architecture/regional & community planning, for the research project "Developing a Distributable Viewshed Analysis Tool to Promote Improved Landscape Planning."

Rossana Fialdini Zambrano, modern languages, for the research project "Mothers and Daughters in Spanish Contemporary Theatre: An Anthology." (Pending.)

Isaya Kisekka, Southwest Research Extension Center, for the research project "Agriculture with Limited Water using Precision-Deficit-Irrigation Technologies."

Ranin Kazemi, history, for the research project "Neither Indians, Nor Egyptians: Poverty, Protest, and Papulism in Iran, 1850-1892."

Thomas Mueller, biology, for the research project "Mapping the Emotional Brain of Zebrafish - Delineating Olfactory and Pheromone Processing Amygdaloid Nuclei."

Andrew Orr, history, for the research project "Imperial Paranoia: France and the Turkish War of Independence — 1919-1923."

Charles Pickens, psychological sciences, for the research project "Effects of Mediodorsal Thalamus Sessions in a Rat Model of Human Decision-Making."

Brett K. Sandercock, biology, for the research project "Resource Utilization by a Top Predator in an Experimental Landscape."

Stacy Tucker, civil engineering, for the research project "Heating Up: Reducing Thermal Stress in Levees."

Benjamin Stark, music, for the research project "A Practice Guide in Constructing Furniture for the Stage."

James M. Teagarden, special education, counseling and student affairs, for the research project "Hocus Focus and the Impact on Executive Function."

Jennifer G. Vellenga, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, for the research project "Adaptation of the play BUSTOWN by Australian Fulbright Scholar Lachlan Philpott at American Conservatory Theater."

Bradford B. Wiles, School of Family Studies and Human Services, for the research project "Building Relationships and Applied Storytelling for Teaching and Learning across Generations."

Anna Wytko, music, for the research project "World Premiere Recordings (Compact Disc and iTunes Digital Download) of Music Compositions by K-State Composer Craig Weston, Paris Composers Philippe Gantchoula and Anthony Girard, and Los Angeles Composer Sean Heim."