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December 9, 2013

Communication studies faculty members present research at national conference

Submitted by Tim Steffensmeier

Several faculty members from the communication studies department presented research papers at the National Communication Association Conference in Washington, D.C., Nov. 20-23.

Darren Epping, instructor and assistant director of forensics presented "From the Round to the Real World: Connecting Forensics Events to Research, Teaching, and New Communities."

Soo-Hye Han, assistant professor; Donna Schenck-Hamlin, instructor at Hale Library; and Bill Schenck-Hamlin, professor, presented "The Profile of Deliberation: Inclusion, Equality, and Discourse Quality of Citizen Deliberation."

Greg Paul, assistant professor, presented "Not Cooperating with Me, Putting Students Down, and Improper Stapling: Students Share Their Pet Peeves about Teachers," “Re-Connect: Improving Conflict Theory and Praxis through Metaphor Work," “Whose Justice? Identifying Legalistic, Restorative, and Retributive Justice Paradigms in the Workplace" and "Comparing Justice Attitudes and Practices of Restorative Justice Facilitators and the Public."

Sarah Riforgiate, assistant professor, and Justin Boren presented "I Just Can't Clean the Bathroom as Well as You Can!: Communicating Domestic Labor Task Resistance and Equity Restoring Strategies Among Married Individuals."

Riforgiate, Chris Muller and Laurie Stewart presented "Coordinating Action and Facilitating Activity: Examining Female Volunteer Leadership Strategies in a Male Dominated Professional Society."

DaJung Woo and Riforgiate presented "Connecting Internship Stage Models to Communication Theory: Students' Organizational Assimilation Experiences During Internships."

Tim Steffensmeier, associate professor, presented "Public Deliberation and Civic Engagement: Building connections to energize and sustain this work within NCA."

Kelly Winfrey, instructor and assistant director of debate, presented "Dialing in to Women...and Men? Examining Gender in 2012 Debates Through RTR Research," "Is it the Message or the Medium? Female and Male Candidate Messages in 2012," "And Finding a Role Model on Facebook: Political Candidates’ Use of Facebook and Young Women’s Political Engagement”.