Brian Blood

Senate Operations Committee Chair

Jakob LongJakob Long

Student Services Fee Committee

Carson CuestaCarson Cuesta

Student Allocations Committee Chair

Payton Lynn

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging Committee Chair

Sam SuchanekSamantha Suchanek

Tuition Enhancements Committee Chair

Dakota BraatenDakota Braaten

Strategic Oversight Committee Chair

Senate Executive Committee

The Senate Executive Committee (Senate Exec) is the weekly meeting of SGA Leadership. Leadership from all three of the SGA branches, all the standing committee chairs, and all the independent SGA officers meet to provide reports, updates, and discuss campus news. Senate Exec is chaired by the current Speaker of the Student Senate.

Committee Chair: Kate Thomas,

Senate Operations Committee

The Senate Operations Committee is responsible for overseeing SGA elections, appointments, Student Senate legislation, and impeachment/expulsion of SGA members.

Committee Chair: Brian Blood,

Student Services Fee Committee

The Student Services Fee Committee has a $14.5 million Student Services Fee Budget. The committee is responsible for the review of line-item fees and addressing issues of long-term financial planning. The committee makes recommendations on the continuance, discontinuance, or alteration of a line item fee. All recommendations may be overturned by the administration, but traditionally decisions have been upheld, giving the K-State SGA a degree of authority not possessed by most university student governments.

Committee Chair: Jakob Long,

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Student Allocations Committee

The Student Allocations Committee (SAC) receives and reviews the travel and on-campus funding requests submitted by student organizations. SAC is responsible for choosing whether to fund these groups based on the merits and educational value of the events. Additionally, SAC allocates funds to all Sports Clubs and Academic Competition Teams each year based on the group's presentation, as well as their submitted budget. SAC also allocates funding to the academic colleges every spring to provide funding for the annual All-University Open House event.

Committee Chair: Carson Cuesta,

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEI) shall work to promote Student Government to the students, faculty, administration, and staff of Kansas State University and the Manhattan community. The committee shall also allocate the Diversity Programming fund to events hosted by student organizations at K-State that promote cross-cultural learning.

Committee Chair: Payton Lynn,

Tuition Enhancements Committee

The Tuition Enhancements Committee (TEC) receives and reviews funding applications for the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) and Student-Centered Tuition Enhancements (SCTE) monies. The committee makes recommendations on the expenditure of funds to support student scholarships and wages, and for the creation and implementation of new projects.

Committee Chair: Samantha Suchanek,

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Strategic Oversight Committee

The Strategic Oversight Committee (SOC) oversees the SGA Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is SGA's overall list of values that the Association hopes to accomplish to better student life on campus. The committee is made up of passionate senators and is open to any K-State student who hopes to accomplish a certain issue on campus.

Committee Chair: Dakota Braaten,

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Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee

Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee (TFSC) is the primary tuition and fees discussion group at K-State. This committee collaborates with campus administration to develop a tuition proposal for the Kansas Board of Regents. Additionally, the committee reviews academic college fees during the fall semester, and evaluates new academic college fee proposals during the spring semester. TFSC ensures that fees are being utilized in the way they were intended to be at approval, and verifies that appropriate processes have been followed for fee proposals.

Committee Chairs: Caleb Stout, ; Kate Thomas,