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Student Governing Association

Senate Executive Committee

The Senate Executive Committee (Senate Exec) is the weekly meeting of SGA Leadership. Leadership from all three of the SGA branches, all of the standing committee chairs, and all of the independent SGA officers meet to provide reports, updates, and discuss campus news. Senate Exec is chaired by the current Speaker of the Student Senate. 

Committee Chair: Blake Phillips, bphillips@ksu.edu

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (DEI) shall work to promote Student Government to the students, faculty, administration, and staff of Kansas State University and the Manhattan community. The committee shall also engage members of the K-State community in order to educate and collect feedback on campus issues. 

Committee Chair: Richard Salmen, rjsalmen@ksu.edu

Governmental Relations Committee

The Governmental Relations Committee (GR) promotes issues central to K-State students’ success and interests at the local and state government levels. GR also supervises and maintains the SGA Lobby team. GR frequently works closely with governmental bodies such as the Manhattan City Commission on issues affecting K-State and its students. 

Committee Chair: Marta Richenburg, marta13@ksu.edu

Senate Operations Committee

The Senate Operations Committee is responsible for overseeing SGA elections, appointments, Student Senate legislation, and impeachment/expulsion of SGA members. 

Committee Chair: Erin Rose May, erinrose@ksu.edu 

Travel Allocations Committee 

The Travel Allocations Committee (TAC) receives and reviews the travel funding requests submitted by student organizations on campus. TAC is responsible for choosing whether to fund these groups based on the merits and educational value of the events. Finally, TAC audits all the Club Sports teams every spring and allocates funds based on the group's presentation, as well as, their submitted budget. 

Committee Chair: Jakob Long, jakobl@ksu.edu

On-Campus Allocations Committee

The On-Campus Allocations Committee (OCAC) receives and reviews the funding requests for on-campus events submitted by student organizations on campus. OCAC is responsible for choosing whether to fund these groups based on the merits and educational value of the events. Finally, OCAC allocates funding to the academic colleges every spring to provide funding for the annual All-University Open House event.

Committee Chair: Durga Jambunathan, durgajam@ksu.edu

Privilege Fee Committee

The Privilege Fee Committee has a $16 million Privilege Fee Budget. The committee is responsible for the review of line-item fees and addressing issues of long-term financial planning. The committee makes recommendations on the continuance, discontinuance, or alteration of a line item fee. All recommendations may be overturned by the administration, but traditionally decisions have been upheld, giving the K-State SGA a degree of authority not possessed by most university student governments. 

Committee Chair: Max Harman, mjharman@ksu.edu