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Office of Student Financial Assistance

Summer Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to students who are interested in attending summer school. The following types of aid may be available: 

For the vast majority of students, summer aid eligibility will follow the academic year. For aid purposes, summer is a continuation of the preceding academic year.

Application Process

Currently Enrolled Students

If you are interested in applying for summer financial aid, the Office of Student Financial Assistance encourages you to, review, complete and submit a Summer Financial Aid Application. This form is generally made available to students at the conclusion of the university’s regularly scheduled spring break. The application together with your pre-enrollment in your summer courses, allows the Office of Student Financial Assistance to establish your eligibility for summer financial assistance. 

Enrollment requirements

Minimum enrollment requirements to be eligible for financial aid

  • 5 credit hours for Undergraduate students
  • 3 credit hours for Graduate students
  • 5 credit hours for Veterinary Medicine students

Effects of enrollment changes

If your summer enrollment changes after your summer financial aid has already been disbursed, federal regulations may require the University to bill you for all or a portion of the summer financial aid that you already received. Consequently, we urge you to consult with our office before making any summer enrollment changes.

Eligibility and aid acceptance

To determine your financial aid eligibility, you must have a 2018-2019 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file with our office and be enrolled in your summer courses.

You will be offered the maximum amount of your financial aid eligibility. You may accept or decline your financial aid in KSIS.

Check your KSIS Student Center as well as your K-State email account often, since our office communicates the status of this summer financial aid application using these two electronic methods.

Apply for summer financial aid (pdf)


Can I receive financial aid to study abroad?

Yes, depending upon your remaining federal student loan eligibility and/or the eligibility of your parent to borrow a parent loan, you may be able to meet all or a portion of the costs associated with a study abroad experience with financial assistance.

If you consider a study abroad experience over the summer, please be sure to indicate this on the Summer Financial Aid application you will be submitting to the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

If I take one June class and one July class, when will my aid be released?

A key requirement to receive any form of federal student assistance is that you have established eligibility by starting your course work at the time the Office of Student Financial Assistance authorizes any assistance to be disbursed on your behalf.

As noted above, one eligibility requirement for a federal student loan is that a student must be at least ½ time. Before a federal student loan can be authorized for disbursement, however, actual course work will need to have already begun in enough courses so that the student can be counted as ½ time.

To illustrate, an undergraduate student is enrolled in a 3 credit hour course that begins and ends in June and a 2 credit hour course that begins the first week of July and ends in early August. While the Office of Student Financial Assistance is allowed to offer a student loan premised on the fact that the student meets the ½ minimum loan requirement of 5 summer credit hours, the office is not allowed to authorize the disbursement of the loan until the student has  begun course work in July on her/his second summer course.