Below is a list of Sociology faculty. For students interested in our Graduate Programs in Sociology, please also check out our Criminology Faculty since Sociology and Criminology Faculty are merged at the Graduate Level.

Dr. Chardie BairdBaird

Gender Inequality and Inequity in STEM, Gender Inequality and Inequity at Work and in the Home, Work and Occupations, Gender and Education

Dr. Alisa GarniGarni

Associate Professor
International Migration; Sociology of Development; Comparative and Historical Methods; Qualitative Research Methods

Dr. Gerad MiddendorfMiddendorf

Rural and Environmental Studies; Sociology of Agriculture and Food; International Development; Science and Technology Studies; Contemporary Theory

Dr. Matthew SandersonSanderson

Globalization; Development; Migration; Environment

Dr. Nadia ShapkinaShapkina

Sociology Undergraduate Coordinator &
Associate Teaching Professor

Gender; Globalization; Social Movements; Migration; Post-Socialism

Dr. Frank WeyherWeyher

Associate Professor
Emotions; Culture; Theory; Comparative & Historical Methods; Labor/Labor History; Political and Economic Sociology; Urban Sociology; Inequality


Gabe BachuraBachura

204B Waters Hall

Adjunct and Emeritus Faculty

Faculty Position Email
Adamchak, Susan Adjunct sadamcha@ksu.edu
Goe, Richard Professor Emeritus goe@ksu.edu
Wood, Spencer Associate Professor Emeritus sdwood@ksu.edu

Graduate Students

Master of Arts

Name Education Research Interests Email
Borhani, Chrischelle borhani@ksu.edu
Davis, Logan Disability inequalities logan52@ksu.edu
Sears, Dylan B.A. Oklahoma State University White nationalism, white supremacy, right and left-wing social movements, state response to right- and left-wing social movements dmsears@ksu.edu
Schohr, Alta B.S. Kansas State University Veterans Rights, military veterans and their spouses achohr@ksu.edu
Schultz, Jordan B.S. Kansas State University jaschult@ksu.edu
Shute, Austin B.S. Kansas State University Media, fear mongering, political rhetoric in the media, rural media atshute@ksu.edu
Taylor, Rei B.A. Emporia State University Gender / Sexuality inequalities, Drugs & Society rei13@ksu.edu
Walrath, Nicholas Police power, pacification, the right to maim, necropolitics, less-lethal weapons, crowd control policing, crowd theory, air power ntwalrath@ksu.edu
Weiser, Abigaile B.A. Emporia State University Disability inequality, race/sex/gender inequalities, abortion rights and access abigai20@ksu.edu


Doctor of Philosophy

Name Education Research Interests Email
Anderson, Jamilya M.A. Kansas State University jamilya@ksu.edu
Brewer, Christopher M.A. The University of Southern Mississippi Cybercrime, Hacktivism/Hacker Culture, Policing cgbrewer@ksu.edu
Clevenger, Todd tclevenger@ksu.edu
Cole, Joni jscole1@ksu.edu
Cooper, Krystal M.A. Kansas State University kkrystal@ksu.edu
Dance, Matt M.A. Boise State University mpdance@ksu.edu
Eden, Karly M.A. Kansas State University Education, social movements, social inequalities, gender karlyeden8@ksu.edu
Edwards, Mari-Esther M.A. New Mexico State University Community supervision, probation/parole, juvenile justice, social inequalities, cultural clashes, criminal justice system mariedwards09@ksu.edu
Esamwata, Joab

M.A. Madurai Kamaraj University, India

M.A. Kansas State University

International Migration, Race/Racial/Social Inequality, and Food Security and Education jesamwa@ksu.edu
Fields, Kyle kmfields@ksu.edu
Grant, Kelli M.A. Wichita State University Food in prison; mass incarceration; incarcerated women; race/gender.social inequality; law enforcement; women in policing kelli522@ksu.edu
Grube, John johngrube@ksu.edu
Knight, Trina M.A. Kansas State University Victimization, Technology, Media, Religion, Conspiracy tknight3289@ksu.edu
Kuchera, Chase chase4@ksu.edu
McCarthy, Adrienne M.S. Eastern Kentucky University Crimes of the powerful, Political economies, Theory, Right-wing ideology and right wing extremism mccarthya@ksu.edu
Miller, Jacob

M.A. Kansas State University

Sustainable agriculture, absentee ownership, socio-cultural barriers to reducing irrigation, climate change tree11@ksu.edu
Melich, James M.A. St. John's University Agriculture, meat industry, food systems, and community well-being jpmelich@ksu.edu
Mpuan, Peter pbmpuan@ksu.edu
Pimentel, Alexandra M.S. Kansas State Univeristy pimentel@ksu.edu
Ray, Dusty r2d2dusty@ksu.edu
Saeed, Ayesha M.A. University of Notre Dame Political sociology, development, social theory, narratives, agency, peace and conflict asaeed@ksu.edu
Sitterle, Daniel M.A. Kansas State University sitterle@ksu.edu
Veitch, Adam M.A. University of South Alabama Social theory, popular culture, social stratification, political economy, historical sociology, development veitch@ksu.edu or sveitch@centralstate.edu
Webb, Brandy M.A. Kansas State University Online communities and virtual spaces, technology-facilitated abuse, and gender/sexuality inequalities. blhakala@ksu.edu
Zhang, Teng

M.S. George Washington University

M.A. Universtiy of British Columbia

Social polarization, culture, and inequalities tengzhang@ksu.edu