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Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Sociology Faculty

NamePositionResearch and Teaching AreasEmail
Baird, ChardieAssociate ProfessorWork/Family; Gender and Work; Youth and the Life Coursecbaird@ksu.edu
Briggs, JeremyInstructorPolicing; Mass Incarceration; War on Drugs; Criminological Theory; Inequality and the Criminal Justice Systemjsbriggs@ksu.edu
Garni, AlisaAssociate ProfessorInternational Migration; Economy and Society; Sociology of Development; Comparative and Historical Methods; Political Sociology; Qualitative Research Methodsamgarni@ksu.edu
Goe, RichardProfessorRural, Urban, & Regional Development; Research Methodology; Quantitative Methodologygoe@ksu.edu
Linnemann, TravisAssistant ProfessorSocial and Cultural Theory; Critical and Cultural Criminology; Police & Society; Drugs & Society; Crime & Mediatwl@ksu.edu
Melander, LisaAssociate ProfessorCrime; Delinquency; Intimate Partner Violence; Familylmeland@ksu.edu
Middendorf, GeradProfessorRural and Environmental Studies; Sociology of Agriculture and Food; International Development; Science and Technology Studies; Contemporary Theorymiddendo@ksu.edu
Sanderson, MatthewProfessorGlobalization; Development; Migration; Environmentmattrs@ksu.edu
Shapkina, NadiaAssistant ProfessorGender; Globalization; Social Movements; Migration; Post-Socialismshapkina@ksu.edu
Steinmetz, KevinAssociate ProfessorTechnocrime; Critical Criminology; Popular Culture and Crime; Inequality and Criminal Justice; Crimes of the Powerful; Qualitative Methodskfsteinmetz@ksu.edu
Weyher, FrankAssociate ProfessorEmotions; Culture; Theory; Comparative & Historical Methods; Labor/Labor History; Political and Economic Sociology; Urban Sociology; Inequalityweyher@ksu.edu
Williams, SueProfessorGender; Criminology; Youth; Violence; Diversitylswilli@ksu.edu

Adjunct and Emeritus Faculty

Adamchak, SusanAdjunctsadamcha@ksu.edu
Wood, SpencerAssociate Professor Emeritussdwood@ksu.edu