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Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work


[Note: pandemic realities may limit your opportunities for safe travel to field schools and research destinations (and we will have to take Covid into account), but in the spirit of optimism, we will be accepting and reviewing applications for the K-State Archaeological Field School Scholarship and the Martin and Harriet J. Ottenheimer Adventurous Anthropology Award in 2022.]

Ibn Battuta Award

The Ibn Battuta Award is given by the Anthropology Program at Kansas State University to the anthropology major who has submitted the best anthropological research paper to us for our consideration. The paper may be built from a paper submitted for a class in any year, but in that case, it should be further developed and more substantial than the earlier draft.  Winning papers are usually about 15 pages long (up to about 30 pages), and very thoroughly researched.  The award consists of a cash prize and book describing the adventures and discoveries of Ibn Battuta, a 14th century Muslim traveler, as well as recognition of quality research and writing. The awardee will be recognized at the annual departmental awards ceremony in April. The paper can deal with any anthropological topic. Coauthored papers are not allowed. We may award two prizes, if submissions and funds allow. Please click on the hyperlink above for more specific instructions about applying for the award (by 5pm, March 25, 2022. Submit your paper to mwesch@ksu.edu).


K-State Archaeological Field School Scholarship

K-State Anthropology majors planning to attend a summer archaeological field school are invited to apply for financial assistance to participate in an archaeological training program (maximum award $500). Applicants must be K-State anthropology students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and have been accepted to an academic field school. A letter of application must be submitted identifying the details of the chosen field school (project name, university, location, website) and a 150-300 word essay identifying what will be gained through this experience, how it will enhance your education, and why you chose this specific field school. Applicants must also submit an unofficial transcript and an itemized budget of expected expenses. Additionally, one letter of support is required and, separately, a note of acceptance from the field school director. These should be sent via e-mail to Dr. Lauren Ritterbush (lritterb@ksu.edu). All materials must be received no later than 5pm on March 25, 2022.


Martin and Harriet J. Ottenheimer Adventurous Anthropology Award

This award grants funding to anthropology majors (with a specialization in cultural or linguistic anthropology) to support summer training, travel, research, and conference participation. Funds may be used for a summer workshop, field school, language institute, conference, or another travel or research experience that would enhance one's trajectory in the field of cultural and/or linguistic anthropology. (Equipment expenses related to these endeavors will be considered as well). Applicants must submit a 500-1,000 word essay describing your plan, its goals relative to your anthropological training or career, and how the funds will be used.  The application must also include a detailed budget up to $1000 and your CV.  These must be submitted to the K-State Anthropology Awards coordinator, Dr. Wesch (mwesch@ksu.edu), no later than 5pm on March 25, 2022. [This award is funded in honor of Martin and Harriet Ottenheimer, retired faculty members who taught cultural and linguistic anthropology classes at K-State for many decades, and who continue to support the student success of our Anthropology majors.]


Prins-McBride Travel Award

Students who would like to produce ethnographic videos and provide teaching assistance for the summer term of ANTH 200 Online will be awarded up to $5,000 to travel anywhere in the world.  The award is to support students as they explore the world and has been established in honor of Dr. Harald Prins and Bunny McBride. Please go to http://anth101.com/scholarships/ for more details about how to apply. [This award is suspended for the time being.]


Other KSU Anthropology Awards

Several sub-field specific awards are granted to high achieving students by the faculty (no application necessary). 



National and International Awards

Our students have had great success receiving major national and international awards and scholarships.  Visit with your adviser if you are interested in pursuing any of these prestigious awards to support your future research and scholarship.


Fellowships for U.S. graduating seniors, graduate students, young professionals and artists to study abroad for one academic year.

Jakob Hanschu  2019
LeRoy Prine 2016
Stephanie Keith 2013
Amanda Stueve 2010
Lucas Bessire 2001
Lisa Mertz 1993
Carol Leonard 1970
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Fellows receive three years of support with a $30,000 annual stipend plus a $10,500 cost-of-education allowance, a $1,000 one time international travel allowance and access to the TeraGrid supercomputer.

Laura Bathurst 1997
Michael Wesch 1998
Amber Campbell 2005

Other Anthropology Award Winners
McNair ScholarAnnabelle Burnett2019
McNair ScholarKassandra Procopio2018
IDEAS Scholar (American Association Physical Anthropology) Tuesday Frasier2016
Marshall ScholarshipJordan Thomas2016
McNair ScholarTuesday Frasier2015-2016
Rotary Ambassadorial ScholarshipRyan Klataske2007
Jacob K. Javits FellowshipMichael Wesch1998
MellonLaura Bathurst1997
Phi Kappa PhiJohn Hawks1994
RhodesRoger D. Sorrell1974