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Education Abroad


There are many scholarship opportunities for education abroad participants at KSU!

    • Education Abroad Scholarships List - This list will show all scholarships. Click on the name of the scholarship to view additional details including how to apply and eligibility requirements.

Education Abroad Office scholarships 

There are several scholarships awarded by our office, Education Abroad. Some scholarships are awarded to just 1 student, others are awarded to multiple students. Our scholarships range from $100-$5,000 and can be used for any program, as long as the student has an active program application and completes the Education Abroad scholarship section on the K-State Scholarship Network platform.

KSU academic colleges & departments

Several departments and colleges at KSU offer education abroad scholarships for their students, including the College of Business Administration, the College of Engineering, the College of Human Ecology, to name a few. You must contact the Colleges or Departments directly for additional details.

Need Based Scholarship

The Education Abroad Need-Based Scholarship (EANS) was created with several goals in mind: to increase participation in groups of students underrepresented in education abroad at KSU, and to assist students of high financial need who are motivated to go abroad, and to direct students to additional scholarship opportunities. Information on eligibility can be found here.


There are many nationally competitive education abroad scholarships with a variety of different requirements. Some national scholarships are based on academic merit, financial need, academic major, foreign language study, non-traditional locations, etc. For more information about nationally competitive scholarships, contact:

Jim Hohenbary – Program Director - Office of the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Studies
215 Fairchild Hall
(785) 532-3422 


If you are really motivated, you can do some research on your own. Try contacting large banks or insurance companies and ask if they offer education abroad scholarships. You can also check with any professional organizations you may be affiliated with, fraternities or sororities, local governments, churches, or other organizations may offer education abroad scholarships as well.

Tips for Submitting a great application

How to Apply for Education Abroad Scholarships

Each scholarship application is unique in process and may have differing deadlines and criteria. Please review each application for details. 

Education Abroad Office Scholarships

Education Abroad has scholarships available from generous donations made by K-State Alumni, which are available through the K-State Scholarship Network (KSN). You can apply for these scholarships when you log in to KSN. It is important to note that completing an application does not guarantee the applicants will receive an award.

KSU, International, and Nationally Competitive Scholarships

All scholarships are competitive and we suggest that students apply to scholarship from the office, Education Abroad, as well as other K-State departments, national scholarships and even consider international scholarship to maximize the change of receiving funding. For additional scholarship opportunities please review this list: https://ksu.studioabroad.com/?go=Scholarships. Information about how to apply for each of these scholarships can be found at the bottom of the individual program brochures.