Funding Your Experience

The cost of education abroad varies by program. In some cases, it costs less to go abroad for a semester than it would to live in Manhattan and take a full course load. In other cases, the cost of living abroad may be more expensive than staying on campus. Many students also choose to participate in programs over the summer and during breaks when they may not normally take classes during those times.

In order to choose a program that best fits your budget needs, it is important understand how to budget for an education abroad program, consider your current costs of attending K-State, and make a plan for how and when you will pay for your program. Once you have made a budget for your program, you can explore funding options such as financial aid and scholarships. Please see the Financial Aid page for more information and frequently asked questions about using financial aid for your education abroad program. Please see our Scholarships page for more information about the Office of International Programs scholarships as well as other University and National scholarships.