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Certificates in Global Health and Society, Museum Studies and Religious Studies.
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In a rapidly globalizing and changing world, anthropologists are the best equipped professionals to identify and meet the challenges of our shifting cultural realities. Students can obtain a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology. Our reknown faculty covers three major subfields of anthropology (archaeology, biological anthropology and cultural anthropology), and their dedication to serving undergraduate students has won them several of the most prestigious university, state, and national teaching awards. The dedication of our faculty, and the success of our students has brought world-wide recognition to the Anthropology Program at Kansas State University.

At Kansas State University we strive to prepare Anthropology students with the skills to succeed in careers that tackle the changes and challenges faced by our societies. With this goal in mind, the Anthropology Program offers unique opportunities to undergraduates, including teaching and research assistant experiences, and hands-on training in archaeology, digital ethnography, ethnography, forensic anthropology, human biology, medical anthropology, museum studies, osteology, and religious studies. Such experiences propel our students to win top scholarships, attend the best graduate programs in the world, and obtain highly desirable jobs in a wide range of anthropological fields, as well as in medicine, law, marketing, public service, and education.

In addition to exciting courses, the Anthropology program offers three certificates: Global health, Medicine and Society, Religious Studies, and Museum Studies. To keep up-to date with our news, follow us on instagram: kansas _state_anthropology