The Anthropology program houses exciting new interdisciplinary certificates in Global Health Medicine, and Society, Museum Studies, and Religious Studies. See the information below, and call the main SASW office (785-532-6865) to make an appointment with our professional advisors to get signed-up.

Certificate in Global Health, Medicine and Society

Are you fascinated with interdisciplinary perspectives on medicine, health, and healing across culture, time, and place? Are you interested in understanding the various social forces that affect human health and diseases, and our responses to them? Are you interested in medical anthropology, the medical humanities, and/or medical ethics? This new certificate offers students the opportunity to study health and medicine in the era of globalization from a social-scientific and humanistic perspective. The interdisciplinary Global Health, Medicine, and Society certificate invites students to think broadly about the health cultures, philosophies, and practices around the world.

Certificate in Museum Studies

Museums play an integral role in educating the public about a variety of topics including our culture (past and present), art and other creative endeavors, as well as natural history and science. The Certificate in Museum Studies at Kansas State University introduces students to diverse approaches, practices, and ethical aspects involved in museum work. The coursework and training associated with this certificate pave a path for students interested in careers with museums and related institutions, including preparing them for jobs and advanced (graduate) studies in the profession.

Certificate in Religious Studies

In our swiftly globalizing world it is essential to understand the diversity of global religious practices, philosophies, and beliefs. The Certificate in Religious Studies offers Kansas State students a pathway for the academic study of religious objects, texts, media, archives, and cultures.

Other Minors and Certificates with substantial Anthropology Connections

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