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South Asian Studies

South Asia Studies

Dr. Robert Clark, Director

Department of Modern Languages

Eisenhower 14A

Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS 66506


About the program

Flags of Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Bhutan, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Why Study South Asia?
It Affects You!!
South Asia Rising!

Your gateway to a most exciting and fascinating part of the world!

Kansas State enjoys the only full-fledged South Asian Studies program in the State of Kansas. KSU is the go-to place for all things South Asian, regardless of field. This is a major plus for the State of Kansas and the University's internationalization efforts to train students to think, work and act globally.

South Asian Studies explores not only the incredibly rich 4,000+ year history, the diversity of topography and natural environments, cuisines, languages and cultures of South Asia, but also its place in the modern world.

South Asia has a steadily increasing impact on Kansas, the US and you.

South Asia is rapidly growing, changing and emerging as a partner and competitor with the US, even right here in Kansas. The emergence of India, in particular, on the world's strategic, power and economic stage is part of the US foreign policy pivot toward Asia and the Indian Ocean coupled with a substantial inter-dependence in business and trade. It is the home of cutting edge research, innovation, design and new technologies in many fields. Even at the popular level, Bollywood enjoys a presence in the US through films, music and joint ventures in the entertainment field.

The probability of some connection with South Asians and South Asia during your career is very high. A course of study that prepares you to engage with this part of the world and its people is a valuable leg-up regardless of career.

Opportunities in all fields are present with courses either entirely focused on South Asia or that have substantial South Asian content. Participating colleges are: Agriculture, Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Human Ecology, Technology and Aviation.

Hindi, the official language of India, is also offered. It is widely spoken across South Asia and is mutually intelligible with Urdu, the official language of Pakistan. 

Hindi is supported with scholarships.

In addition, many faculty members across all colleges are from South Asia and/or have South Asian experience and links who can work with you to make the connections for understanding and working with this region of the world. The program connects classroom experience with opportunities for study abroad, volunteer work and internships for first-hand experience in this strategic, fascinating and exciting part of the world.


This program was developed with a grant from the Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language (UISFL) Title VI Program, U.S. Department of Education. Its content does not necessarily represent the policy of the Department of Education nor endorsement by the Federal Government.

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