Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Psychological Sciences department at Kansas State University is dedicated to a variety of research areas. Our undergraduates have a unique opportunity to work alongside our faculty and graduate students while employing the skills they have learned in the classroom.

Psychological Sciences Research can be taken for credit toward graduation as PSYCH 599. Students can achieve 0-6 credit hours per semester for their work in one of our many research labs. If you are a Biology student working in a neuroscience lab, PSYCH 599 credits can accepted as equivalent to BIOL 698. Additionally, we are introducing PSYCH 598: Research in Neuroscience, specifically for students interested in neuroscience research and/or the neuroscience minor.

If you are interested in joining a research lab, check out the different labs below to find out more about what each lab is doing. Choose a lab that aligns with your interests and career goals and reach out to the lab contact to let them know your interest in joining their lab.

Undergraduate Research Laboratories