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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President
Kansas State University
108 Anderson Hall
919 Mid-Campus Drive North
Manhattan, KS 66506-0110


Alphabetized List of All Committees

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The number of each Committee or Council is noted to the right.

Academic Affairs Committee, Faculty Senate (3000)
Advisory Committee for Universal Design & Accessibility (8049)
Appointment Committee for Mediation (8260)

Bachelor's Degree Completion Program Advisory Committee (3020)
Big 12 Faculty Fellowship Committee (8504)
Black Faculty/Staff Advisory Committee (7073)
Board of Directors/ Student Publications, Inc. (8365)

Campus Environmental Health and Safety Committee (8050)
Campus Planning and Development Advisory Committee (8040)
Campus Nonviolence Campaign Committee (7612)
Campus Recycling Advisory Committee (8038) 
Central Management Information Systems (CMIS) Advisory Committee (8045)

College Committee on Planning - Agriculture (4001) 
College Committee on Planning - Architecture, Planning and Design (4002) 
College Committee on Planning - Arts and Sciences (4003) 
College Committee on Planning - Business Administration (4004) 
College Committee on Planning - Education (4005) 
College Committee on Planning - Engineering (4006) 
College Committee on Planning - Human Ecology (4007) 
College Committee on Planning - Veterinary Medicine (4008) 
College Committee on Planning - Extension (4009) 
College Committee on Planning - Library (4010) 
College Committee on Planning - K-State Polytechnic (4011)

College of Agriculture Scholarships (3051) 
College of Architecture, Planning and Design Scholarships (3060) 
College of Business Administration Scholarships (3056) 
College of Education Scholarships (3058) 
College of Engineering Scholarships (3052) 
College of Human Ecology Scholarships (3053) 
College of Veterinary Medicine Scholarships (3059) 

Commission on the Status of Women (8075) 
Committee on Academic Policy and Procedures (3010) 
Committee on Religion (8500)
Confidential/Sensitive Research Committee (8285) 
Council on Parking Operations (8041) 
Council on Parking Operations K-State Salina Campus (8043)

Dorothy Thompson Civil Rights Lecture Series (8505)

Employee Peer Review, University Support Staff Senate (8076) 

Faculty Affairs Committee (2000) 
Faculty Salaries and Fringe Benefits Committee (2090) 
Faculty Senate Committee on Technology (4500) 
Faculty Senate Committee on University Planning (4000) 
Faculty Senate Grievance Chair (2015)
Family Day Committee (7026)

Governmental Relations (8020)
Governmental Relations Committee, Student Governing Association (1250)
General Administrative Committee on Planning (CPAOG) (4025)
General Scholarship and Student Financial Aid Committee (3050)
Graduate Council (5000)
Graduate Council Academic Affairs Committee (5071)
Graduate Council Student Affairs Committee (5072) 
Graduate Council Committee on Planning (5073)
Graduate Council Election Committee (5074)

Information Resource Management Council (8034) 
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (8280) 
Institutional Biosafety Committee (8056)
Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects Research (8290) 
Integrity in Research and Scholarly Activity Committee (8080) 
International Activities Advisory Committee (8250)

K-State All University Open House Coordinating Committee (7031)
K-State Undergraduate Honor Council and Staff (8015

K-State Campaign for Nonviolence (8078) 
K-State Distinguished Lectures Committee (8010)
K-State Homecoming Committee (7030)
K-State Polytechnic Scholarships (3057)

Landscape Advisory Committee (7100)
Learning and Development Advisory Committee (7650)

Marlatt Memorial Park (7110)

Out-of-State Fees and Appeals Committee (8270)

Parking Citation Appeals Board -Faculty and Student (8042)
President's Commission on Multicultural Affairs (8077)
President's Commission on the Status of Women (8075) 
Privilege Fee (1295)

Radiation Safety Committee (8052) 
Reactor Safeguards Committee (8053) 
Recreational Services Council (7047) 

Senate Operations Committee (1200) 
Service and Maintenance Employee Safety Committee (7055) 
Student Attorney General, Student Governing Association (1300)
Student Communications Committee (1000)

Student Review Board, Student Governing Association (1400)
Student Tribunal, Student Governing Association (1350)

Union Governing Board (7027) 
United Way Committee (7510)
University Allocations Committee (1100) 
University Calendar Committee (3035) 
University Environmental Stewardship Committee (8047)
University Handbook and Policy Committee (2095) 
University Library Committee (3040)