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Transitioning into work

Crossing over from classroom to boardroom is not the easiest task. Before you know it three years have gone by and you are halfway through your senior year. Instead of joyful thoughts of graduation you are stuck with the question, "What's next?" You also are plagued with constant thoughts of resumes, interviews, and job-hunting. That transition doesn't have to be an intimidating or overwhelming process. Below are a few tips and resources to help you financially with the transition from college to career.

Job market

When searching for jobs, it's important to have knowledge of the industry you are going into. Understanding what your chosen careers average pay is will help you filter through your job search and give you a better understand on what lifestyle you can expect. Read more

Salary negotiation

During the job interview process you may get asked the question on what do you think your starting salary should be? Will you be prepared to answer this? There are other situations as well in which salary negotiation is important. Read more

Employee benefits

Salary is not everything when it comes to choosing an employer. Benefit packages may be more valuable than a higher compensation. Learn what all goes into a benefit's package and what questions to ask. Read more

Income smarts

What to do with your new income. Many graduates over estimate how much they will be earning right out of college. Knowing where your money is going can help you prepare for life out of college. Read more

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