Powercat Financial uses Navigate to schedule appointments.

  1. Read our Consent and Release agreement found here. By scheduling an appointment with our staff, it is assumed you have read our Consent Agreement and are consenting. Please call us with any questions.
  2. Click on the “Schedule an Appointment” link below and/or login directly to Navigate with your K-State single sign-on username and password.
  3. In Navigate, select appointments in the left navigation menu (person icon).
  4. On the next screen, click the blue “Schedule an Appointment” button in the upper right-hand corner.
  5. Select “Financial Services” for the type of appointment.
  6. Next select a Powercat Financial location. NOTE: If you are a Vet Med student, search by location "Powercat Financial - Trotter Hall". If you are a student-athlete, search by location "Powercat Financial - Vanier". All other satellite locations fall under the location "Powercat Financial." However your appointment instructions will provide you with the assigned satellite location and its wayfinding instructions.
    View locations map (pdf)
  7. Select a main service you would like to meet about. If you have additional financial service topics to discuss, please note those in the comments.
  8. Follow the system instructions from there to select a peer counselor (organizer) and choose a time to meet. Note: Our peer counselors have varied backgrounds and represent multiple majors. Students are welcome to meet with any of our peer counselors, regardless of their college liaison role. Meet our counselors
  9. Click on "Save Appointment" at the bottom of the final step.
Schedule Appointment

Additional Information

After submitting your appointment request you will be provided additional details in your confirmation that will be important for you to take note of as well.

NOTE: If meeting in person, you will receive Navigate special instructions on which location your session will be held at (Union, Holtz, Hale, Cats' Cupboard, Vanier or Trotter).

If meeting via Zoom, a Zoom link will be sent to your KSU email at the time of your appointment.

Please bring along any financial information you wish to review at your session and know your FSA ID or loan servicer logins if you wish to discuss your student loans.

We are a student-to-student program thus another peer financial counselor may observe your session for training purposes.

If you need assistance, please contact us via or 785-532-2889.