Salary negotiation

Knowing your industry’s average compensation can give you insight on what type of lifestyle you can expect to afford. Students can compare average salaries amongst past K-State graduates in their same college and major at the K-State Career Center's site here.

More tips and advice regarding job offers and salary negotiating can be found on the Career Center site.

If you know you want to purchase a new car or house straight out of college you may need to find an employer or position that will suit your needs or find an alternative plan until you can afford the lifestyle desired. Below are some tips when it comes to negotiating your salary.

  • Know an average salary for the position you seek. Compare this to your own personal budget or expenses. You can check out national salary averages here at National Association of Colleges and Employers, or
  • Remember salary is not everything. Remember to inquire about benefits included or not included. Learn more about comparing job offers here and use this handy job comparison worksheet to assist in your analysis.
  • You do not have to accept the first offer. It is perfectly okay to request a day to think it over and consider it. Make sure they know you’re still interested however.

Negotiations should be flexible, remember you are applying for a job. They may have many other applicants who are willing to take lower compensation.