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With planning, it's possible to earn the NRES Secondary Major with only one additional course requirement!  To enroll in the NRES program, complete the online enrollment form and make an appointment to meet with the director of the secondary major, Dr. Shawn Hutchinson to outline a plan for meeting NRES course requirements.

Fall 2021 Block Electives

Looking for block elective courses that will be offered during the Fall 2021 semester?  There are 37 classes from which to choose, including 10 natural science, 20 applied science/technology, and 7 social sciences/humanities block electives.  Click on this handy guide to help your planning.  

About the NRES Secondary Major

Because natural resource and environmental issues tend to be extensive and complex, they exceed the scope of any single discipline.  The Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences (NRES) Secondary Major prepares students to apply broadly-based scientific knowledge to the use, management, sustainability, and quality of soil, air, water, mineral, biological, and energy resources.  Increasing government, public, and corporate concerns about environmental affairs are producing career opportunities for individuals capable of dealing with the broad scope of natural resource and environmental problems and working effectively in an interdisciplinary environment and with a diverse set of stakeholders.  The NRES secondary major provides students with extra qualifications for employment by enhancing the knowledge base provided by a student's primary major.