NRES Capstone Projects

The NRES capstone experience places students in small interdisciplinary teams supervised by dedicated research mentors. Teams develop a research question, collect and analyze data, and present results in a public forum at the end of the semester.


An Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Experience

The NRES capstone course (BAE/DAS/GENAG 582) emphasizes research with strong field work, data collection, and quantitative and/or qualitatitve analysis components. Students control the research process from project inception to completion and have the opportunity to integrate their own major-specific expertise into collaborative problem-solving.

Work is conducted in small interdisciplinary teams guided by a professional research mentor drawn from full-time faculty or PhD candidates from allied disciplines across the K-State campus.

The capstone experience culminates with the communication of research findings, including a written manuscript, scientific poster, and public oral presentations. Presentations and posters are shared in a public forum, often with project stakeholders in the audience.