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Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships

2021 Scholars

CarmenDelReal ChristaGriffin Shayenne Jones Cory Gamblin Chase Mason August 31: Carmen Del Real, master's student in veterinary biomedical science, Christa Griffin, junior in aeronautical technology, Emmanuel "Manny" Ugwuegbu, junior in biology and pre-medicine, Shyanne Jones, senior in agricultural education, and Cory Gamblin, master's student in architecture were selected for the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship. They all received opportunities to further their education abroad. K-State students offered prestigious Gilman scholarships for international studies.

Lauren Ailslieger  July 20: Congratulations to Lauren Ailslieger, May 2021 graduate in Economics with a secondary major in International Studies. She has been awarded an $8,500 Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship in support of her graduate education.  New graduate earns prestigious Phi Kappa Phi fellowship.

Lydia Waner Brett LaFleur May 13: Lydia Waner, junior in fisheries, wildlife and conservation biology, biology, and Spanish; and Brett LaFleur, junior in interior design, have earned an honorable mention in the Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall Scholarship competition. Two Kansas State University students earn honorable mention for Udall Scholarship.

KyaCrocker ColeWilson GenevaFink LindsayCurl May 4: Three students and one alumna have been recognized by the https://us.fulbrightonline.org/ for travel abroad in the next academic year. Kya Crocker, senior in anthropholgy, and Cole Wilson, senior in biochemistry, are Fulbright award grantees. Geneva Fink, a December 2020 graduate in human development and family science, and Lindsay Curl, 2017 graduate in biology, are Fulbright alternates. K-State students and alumna recognized by Fulbright U.S. Student Program.

Broderick Sieh April 14: Broderick Sieh, junior in mechanecial engineering, was awarded a $7,500 scholarship from the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Nuclear Energy Integrated University Program. K-State junior awarded national DOE scholarship.

Torres-Hernandez  March 31: Arnaldo X. Torres-Hernandez, graduate student in chemistry, earned an honorable mention in the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program. This fellowship supports outstanding students conducting STEM research. Doctoral student in chemistry named honorable mention for NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Matt Wade March 30: Matt Wade, junior in Political Science with a minor in Middle East studies, has received a 2021 Critical Language Scholarship to study Arabic in the summer of 2021.  The CLS funds immersive summer language study in 15 different foreign languages. Political science student accepted into Critical Language Scholarship Program.

Photo of Destiny Serrano   February 4: Two pre-veterinary students awarded Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships to study abroad. Destiny Serrano, senior, will be working in Thailand, and Caitlin Snyder, sophomore, will be working in South Africa. Gilman scholarship gives pre-vet students opportunities to study profession abroad.