Dr. Alfred Cochran

Music History, Music Theory

309 McCain Auditorium

Alfred CochranAlfred Cochran teaches Music History, Symphonic Literature, Graduate Theory Review, Introduction to American Music, Jazz History, and Introduction to Music.

Research focuses on film music, jazz, and saxophone performance; he is published by Garland Press, Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, Indiana Theory Review, University of Edinburgh Press, Encyclopedia of the Great Plains, Oxford University Press, New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Saxophone Symposium, Schwann Opus, Cue Sheet, Notes, IAJE Jazz Research Papers, NACWPI Journal, International Trumpet Guild, Instrumentalist, Jazz Educator, K-State’s Arts and Sciences Magazine, Kansas Music Review, and Woodwind World/Brass and Percussion.

He has lectured at the Museum of Modern Art, New York University, Eisenhower Library, Westminster and the universities of Oxford, Wales (College of Cardiff), Southampton, York, Hull, Durham, and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.