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Orientation - 2019

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Diversity and Inclusion: The MPH Program holds a diversity luncheon and focus group for students, and surveys faculty concerning their diversity experiences.  The attached reports summarizes our most recent efforts.

Supervisory Committee: Within the first year of study, it is the student's responsibility to work with his/her advisor in the formation of his/her supervisory committee members. The supervisory committee will consist of a major professor from the student's MPH area of emphasis and at least two other Kansas State University MPH graduate faculty.  This committee will advise and approve the student's program of study, supervise the student's progress, and conduct the final examination.  With pre-approval of the MPH Program Director, in unique circumstances, a graduate faculty member who is not part of the MPH graduate faculty may serve on the supervisory committee. 

Program of Study: Every student in the MPH Program who intends to earn a degree must file a Program of Study (POS), signed by members of his/her supervisory committee and the MPH Program Director. The POS should consist solely of courses directly related to the MPH degree. Full-time students should file their POS before the end of their second semester of graduate study, and part-time student should do so upon completion of 9 semester credit hours in the semester.  Program of Study form on the Graduate School's website - Master's (Word Format) (select "Master" and then "Program of Study: Masters.")   This form may now be filled out electronically. To do so select Electronic Form Submission on the same page.

To make preparing your POS easier, we have entered MPH specific information in this Word file for your use.  MPH Program of Study

Culminating Experience: All MPH degree candidates are required to complete a culminating experience, with a choice related to (1) the applied practice experience (APE) and an integrated learning experience (ILE) report; or (2) public health thesis research (the thesis becomes the ILE) and the APE.

Applied Practice Experience (APE):  All MPH degree candidates are required to complete a public health APE, related to the choice of culminating experience.  See Applied Practice Experience.

Note: Your Program of Study needs to be completed, signed by your committee and the MPH director, and approved by the Graduate School BEFORE your APE Form will be processed by the MPH office.

Degree Completion Requirements and Graduation: Please review the pdfs posted on the Graduate School website under “Graduation and Commencement Information” at: http://www.k-state.edu/grad/students/graduation/  The pdfs list important deadlines pertaining to graduation. If necessary, print them out and use them as reminders.

NOTE: You must be enrolled in at least 1 credit hour of course work the semester you graduate. This is a Graduate School requirement and cannot be waived (see Graduate Handbook, 1-4, Section D).

After you have completed all of your courses, your field experience and all other work leading toward your culminating experience, you are eligible to graduate. The “Approval to Schedule Final Exam” form available on the Graduate School’s website (http://www.k-state.edu/grad/academics/forms/index.html)  (select "Masters" and "Approval to Schedule Final Examination: Masters.")must be completed, signed by your major professor and committee, and Dr. Mulcahy as the Head of Dept/Grad Program Director. The completed form is then sent to the Graduate School, triggering two events needed for graduation:

  1. The Graduate School reviews your course work against your program of study and “clears” you for graduation. If you have any incompletes or other discrepancies, you will not be able to graduate until the discrepancies are resolved.
  2. A final ballot is sent to your major professor to be filled out and signed by your committee AFTER you successfully complete your culminating experience. The signed ballot is returned to the Graduate School by your major professor, and you are eligible to graduate.

If you do not participate in commencement, your diploma is sent to you after graduation. Your transcript shows the awarded degree approximately one to two months after graduation. If you need a copy of your transcript with the degree annotation, check with the Registrar as to the specific date that will be added to the transcript.

Library Tools and Services:  There are many resources available through the library system.  See the Hale Library Page for MPH Students.  

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