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Master of Public Health Program

We are accepting applications for Fall 2022.

Fall Orientation Dates ... mark your calendar!

Online Students via ZoomTuesday, August 16 at Noon 
In Person Students on CampusThursday, August 18 at Noon
Mara Center, Trotter Hall


What's Happening

Schedule of Summer Defenses
Date & TimeMPH StudentEmphasis & Title
Thursday, August 4
@ 9:30 AM
Sara OchoaIDZ - Veterinarian and Para-Veterinarian Perceptions on Canine Hookworks and Riley County's Community Health Improvement Plan Assessment
August 5
@ 10 AM
Peter MaierIDZ - Project with Clay County (Missouri) Public Health Center epidemiology department

Monday, August 8
@ 10 AM

Jenny MasculineIDZ - Evaluation of Depression in

Adolescents, Evaulation of Depression Screening in Pregnant Women, and Exploring the Relationship between Anthropology And Public Health.

Tuesday, August 9
@ 2 PM

Tiasia SaundersPHN - Project with The University of Kansas Cancer Center and research which includes the Wichita LGBT Health Coalition


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