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COVID-19 News you can Use from MPH students

MPH StudentsEmphasisTopic
Kasi BardouchePublic Health Physical Activity

English  Spanish  Importance of Physical Activity During Covid-19

English  Spanish  Physical Activity During COVID-19

Jason DefisherInfectious Diseases and ZoonosesEnglish  Spanish  Fact-Checking COVID-19
Emily Gilbert-EsparzaInfectious Diseases and Zoonoses

English  Spanish  Coronaviruses and COVID-19

English  Spanish  What you need to know about COVID-19

Valerie Jojola-MountInfectious Diseases and Zoonoses

English  Spanish  Someone close to me got COVID-19 ... Am I Next?

Ganesh KumarInfectious Diseases and Zoonoses

English  Spanish  Mental Health during COVID-19

Marissa KompInfectious Diseases and Zoonoses

English  Spanish  How Social Distancing "Flattens the Curve"

English  Spanish  The Etiology of COVID-19

Tim MangesInfectious Diseases and Zoonoses

How can a vaccine prevent COVID-19?

Melitza RamirezPublic Health Physical Activity

English  Spanish  Physical Activity During Covid-19

To mitigate the spread of COVID-19:

  • Face masks are required on campus.

  • Contact your Instructor with any course related questions.

  • Contact Dr. Mulcahy with any program questions or concerns.

 Check the K-State resources page: https://www.k-state.edu/media/update/coronavirus/index.html


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