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Master of Public Health Program


Before Your Applied Practice Experience (APE)

Prior to the start of the experience, the student, faculty advisor, and agency preceptor must complete and sign the Agreement that outlines their responsibilities and expectations. The student is responsible for completing and returning the agreement with appropriate signatures to the MPH Program director.

  • The APE Agreement (fillabe PDF) summaries the student’s qualifications along with outlining the scope of work objectives, the activities to be performed by the students, and the anticipated products; and outlines the expectations of the student, faculty and agency preceptor.

After Your Applied Practice Experience

After the experience is complete, it is the responsibility of the student to make sure the following two evaluations are filled out. The forms are online evaluations and the links to the evaluations are below.

  • Evaluation to be completed by MPH Student


  • Evaluation to be completed by Experience Preceptor

APE Report Template

The template below is provided to help you prepare your APE Report. 

If you are unfamiliar with all the editing features in Word, the Graduate School has instructions that may be helpful.

 APE Reports